Eggs & Berries at Jurong Point (Media Tasting)


While Eggs & Berries is not exactly a new restaurant in Singapore, I had never made a trip there prior to this because the reviews from my foodie friends were not very positive. However, I received an invite, so I thought ‘why not?’.

We were there to try ‘The Heavenly Four’ buns–Smoked Paprika & Beetroot (pink), Turmeric Curry (yellow), Spinach Pesto (green) and Charcoal Squid Ink (black). The colour of the buns are natural and take on the colour of the individual flavour.



The interior is brightly lit and filled with colourful chairs. In fact, the lights were so blazing that my pictures were mostly blown-out.


I ordered the Green Mountain Bee ($6.50) while waiting for the others to arrive. This avocado, bee pollen and vanilla smoothie came highly recommended. What was interesting was that there was no accompaniment of gula melaka (which is quite common in Singapore), so all you can taste is the natural creaminess and sweetness of the avocado.

The burgers were as vibrant as the interior of the restaurant. The chef made the pairing for us, but you can choose to pair one of the buns with one of the four types of patties: beef, lamb, pork or chicken.


Smoked Paprika & Beetroot bun with 14-Day Dry Aged Beef patty ($13.90).


Tumeric Curry bun with Provence Herb Lamb patty ($13.90).


Spinach Pesto bun with Paprika-Infused Pork patty ($12.90). This I did not like. The spinach pesto flavour as well as the taste of pork were not discernible.


Charcoal Squid Ink bun with Cajun Spiced Chicken patty ($12.90). I liked the sharp spicy taste!

Among all the burgers, I enjoyed the pink and black buns the most. The beetroot bun was the softest. As for the patties, I would recommend the beef and chicken.


Other than the burgers, we also had the Eggs Benedict ($16.90). I could not really taste the hollandaise sauce, but the eggs were cooked well.

For desserts, we had the Mango Tango ($10.90) and Over The Rainbow ($15.90).


I loved the pancakes! Mini pancakes stacked on top of one another, with mango slices and whipped cream in the middle.


The waffles were not as good as the pancakes, but this is definitely a healthier option, with a medley of fresh fruits and nuts.


Eggs & Berries @ Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-32
Singapore 648886
Tel: 6790 9195
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 0800-2200hrs.

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