All Day Breakfast at Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery


I read that the newly revamped Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery would open its doors on 30 October, so I made a reservation for two on Saturday (yes, they take reservations now).  Fortunately I called ahead because others who came around the same time as me had to wait for about an hour!


Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery now has a funky ordering ipad seating system, which allows you to leave your name and contact number, and they will contact you when your table is ready. That is really good because you get to walk around instead of wasting your time sitting there, waiting for your table. The system also allows you to see how long the waiting time is before you put in your particulars.


They have shifted to the corner unit, from #03-02 to #03-01. It is comparably more spacious than the original outlet. If you have not gone there, you may expect to see many tables with cosy seats and a long wooden table in the middle of the cafe.


Other than the new interior, you will find new items on the menu as well! I could not resist ordering something from the ‘Sweet’ section.



I ordered the Canadian ($18). Classic stack of pancakes with candied back bacon, hibiscus-berry compote and Canadian maple syrup. It cannot get better than this!


Mum, who joined me later, opted from one of their tea breads, the banana & macadamia, served with salted caramel sauce ($5).


While the food at Wild Honey is not exactly cheap, it is undeniable that this is one of the best all-day breakfast places in Singapore. I will be back to try more of their new items!



Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery
333a Orchard Road #03-01,
Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235 3900
Opening Hours:
Refer to picture above


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