Tatsuya @ Goodwood Park Hotel


It is a family tradition to find a restaurant with good reviews, serving the birthday boy/girl’s favourite food and to bring the person there on their birthday. As my parents were in Italy, it was up to me to bring my sis for her birthday meal.

I celebrated my sister’s birthday at Tatsuya at Goodwood Park Hotel, as it serves her cherished chirashi don. What is exceptionally cool about the restaurant is that you get to sit in front of the chefs preparing your food for you!




Watching chefs at work definitely trumps any other way of passing time while waiting for the food to be served!


Pan fried beef with sesame ginger sauce ($25). Outstanding premium beef that melts in your mouth! I did not expect such  tender and juicy beef here! Really impressed with this.




Chirashi set ($35.90), comes with a salad salad, tofu, chawanmushi, miso soup and slices of watermelon. My sis was not impressed, neither was she disappointed. She felt that it was good but nothing really memorable. She would return to try the aburi sushi though, because it smelled awesome as we were awaiting our meals.


Last but not least, the yuzu ice cream ($6) I ordered for dessert. Same as the chirashi, good but nothing special.


22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel,
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6737 7411
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1200-1500hrs and 1830–2300hrs.


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