Pind Balluchi (Media Tasting)


I was so pleased to be invited to a dinner at Pind Balluchi, which is a renowned award-winning restaurant in India with over 20 years of history. Pind Balluchi opened its doors in Clarke Quay in August 2013 and we got to try its recently revamped menu.



We were amazed by the sheer quality and quantity of appetisers served to us!


Amritsari Fish. Chickpea-battered fish fillet flavoured with Indian spices and an alluring hint of carom seeds. I could not get enough of this! Two thumbs up!


Tangri Kebab. Char-grilled chicken drumsticks, sold by the piece, marinated with yoghurt, cream and cheese.


Galouti Kebab. Hand-minced lamb patties infused with 136 spices, and grilled to lend a distinctive smokiness as they melt in the mouth.

There is a story behind this dish, as told to us by the Head Chef Abhishek Singh. There was once an Indian king who lost all his teeth, but still craved for his favourite kebabs, so he got his chef to come up with a meat dish that did not require much chewing.

However, this was too pasty for my liking, which goes to show that the chef was indeed successful in achieving his aim!


Alu-bukhara Kebab. Finely minced lamb patties infused with Indian herbs and smoked with cloves, then generously filled with prunes. This was a delight to have!


We were given three sauces to go along with the appetisers.


We had mint, garlic and tamarind sauces. Initially I thought I would be dipping my meats into the garlic sauce non-stop, but it was the deliciously tangy tamarind sauce that stole my heart!

Main Courses

The main courses came to us on a huge tray! Before the staff could put the dishes on the table, we swamped around him to take photos of the food.



Adraki Aloo Gobhi. A combination of potatoes and cauliflower, with a meaningful punch of ginger.


Rara Chicken. A dry version of chicken curry and minced chicken, which flavours are brought up a notch with Pind Balluchi’s garam masala. It struck us that we had so many meat dishes for our appetisers, but this was our only meat dish for the main courses!


Wadi Pulao. Long grain rice tossed together with a selection of grounded spices and fresh herbs, along with soya bean nuggets.


Palak Paneer. Spinach studded with cubes of cottage cheese, blended with garlic and ginger. For me, this dish is a must-order when I go to any Indian restaurant.


Pindi Choley. Slow-braised chickpeas flavoured with carom, onions, tomatoes and Pind Balluchi’s garam masala.


Mixed Raita. Diced onions, cucumbers and tomatoes, tossed with roasted cumin and homemade yoghurt.


Assorted freshly-made naans. We had three types of naans: plain, Peshawari (nuts and fruits) and Missi (coriander, ginger and chilli). My usual types of naans are plain, butter and garlic, so it was an eye-opener to try the two other kinds, which I have never tried before.



Drinks & Desserts

And on to the last part of the meal!


Betelnut Shooter. Think of mojito but Indian style!



Kesar Rasgulla. Saffron-poached cottage cheese balls, served in scented milk. An extremely sweet dish!


Assorted Indian sweets for the Deepavali holiday. According to the Head Chef, while this is served as dessert here, this is commonly known as sweets in India and are normally served before meals.

By the way, if you are not dining in a huge group and still wish to try a variety of dishes, you can opt for the dinner buffet on Thursdays from 6 to 9pm, for only $40 per person. This is also inclusive of a glass of Sula wine from India.


Pind Balluchi
3B River Valley Road, #01-15, Clarke Quay,
Singapore 179021
Tel: 6337 7350
Opening Hours:
Lunch: Saturday to Sunday 1200-1430hrs
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday 1800-0000hrs

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