Fatty Choo International Steamboat Buffet


Just a few days ago, my mum noticed that there is a buffet place at West Coast Plaza which is quite affordable, so she brought us down to try it. It costs only $18.80+ for a weekday lunch buffet. What’s more, you can have a choice of up to two soups (yuan yang style where a steamboat is split into two halves). Other than the usual tom yum and chicken soup, they offer Japanese bonito and a more local flavour, bak kut teh.


On the way there, I did some research. Apparently their BKT soup base did not receive any rave reviews and patrons usually opt for one of the other three soups. Another thing I found out was that Chef Choo was from Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous and was responsible for the yummy nonya laksa, and that I can expect to taste the laksa at the buffet!




Honestly, I must admit the buffet spread is not all the wide. They had the basic raw food section, with beef, pork and fish as the meat selection, and also the cooked dishes, comprising of sambal fish, ngoh hiang, etc.




There is also a section for you to cook you own laksa and toss your own rojak! The laksa was savoury but not spicy enough for me.



As for the sauces, we could choose from chicken rice chilli, sesame peanut, thai chilli and coriander chilli (if I did not remember the last one wrongly). Mum and I liked the chicken rice chilli, while dad had his own bowl of sesame peanut sauce. We did not fancy the other two sauces.



The highlight of the dessert section had to be the durian penyat! One moment they were out of the kitchen, the next moment they were gone! I am a fan of durian and had six bowls of this!

Other than the durian penyat, there were six tubs of ice cream with the usual trimmings (sprinkles and chocolate sauce), a fruit platter and some fruit cocktail.


I have attached a list of items in their buffet spread below. I got this off one of the websites:


Overall, I must say the food choice is pretty average. However, with the proximity to my house as well as the price, I must consider coming here again if I have my steamboat craving and cannot travel further.


Fatty Choo International Steamboat
West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road #02-25
Singapore 127371
Tel: 6777 0126

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