Joyus Pastries: My Favourite Pineapple Tart


Joyus Pastries has always been a favourite of mine, ever since my mum introduced it to me years ago. She would come home arms laden with brown bags, loaded with Chinese New Year goodies like almond cookies, prawn rolls and pineapple tarts. My sis would dive for her rolls and me for my tarts. At one single seating, I could finish almost a whole bottle.




Time and again, I got nagged at by my mum for eating too much and that I should be savouring the tarts because “they do not come cheap”, but once her back was turned, it was back to gobbling them down. Life was always good, until I suffered the effects (a.k.a. sore throat) of too many baked goods the next day. (My old blog post can be found here, where I got the spelling of the name wrong,)


Now, I have graduated. From depending on my mum to getting my own supplies. Once in a while, when I happened to be in the CBD Area, where Joyus Pastries has now moved to, I would pop by to buy a box of pineapple tarts, which is made clear when I got home that it was all mine! However, since I have started paying for my tarts, I have become more prudent when eating them.




They still taste as good as the first Joyus Pastries pineapple tart I had. Something is to be said about quality and quantity that has been maintained over the years. They used to sell it from $17.50 (if I did not remember wrongly) and it is now $21 per bottle. Still, not that expensive if you compare it to other pineapple tarts around. Joyus Pastries is now taking orders for Chinese New Year next year. Yes, they are that popular! However, it is going for $25, an additional $4, which I am not sure whether that includes additional tarts.

Joyus Pastries

Tanjong Pagar MRT Station,


Tel: 9618 1238

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 1000 -2100hrs

Saturday 1100 – 1800hrs

Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

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