[Newly Opened] Imakatsu Japanese Restaurant at Star Vista


I was one of the few lucky people who managed to sample the tasty morsels from this Japanese restaurant before it opens tomorrow! Imakatsu Singapore had a soft opening yesterday and today, for both lunch and dinner, where 50 patrons dined free provided they gave feedback after their meals. It was a great and effective marketing tactic, as news spread through word of mouth and people reached as early as an hour before to grab a space.




We arrived at 11.40am, 50 minutes before the stipulated time and yet there was already a queue ahead of us. The line extended as time passed and soon, the staff had to turn potential patrons away.

What I like about how they conducted the tasting is that they let people in by batches, so that they could maintain both service standards as well as quality control.



The interior is brightly lit and rather spacious. The restaurant seats 50 customers comfortably.




Each table comes with a set of sauces–sesame and tonkatsu sauce–and a small container of moshio (seaweed sea salt).


We were first served a bowl of Japanese shredded cabbage salad. It was ok but could not compare to Saboten’s. The greens were crunchy but lacking the delicate sweetness. It was not that much of an issue after dousing it with the sesame sauce.

Among the three of us, we ordered quite a spread: chicken katsu, Imakatsu pork loin katsu and premium pork loin katsu.


Chicken katsu ($14.80). Among the three types of katsu, this was the most tender. Also, the portion was the biggest. It is a good alternative for people who do not like the scent or texture of pork.



Imakatsu pork loin katsu ($16.80).


Premium pork loin katsu ($19.80). I would definitely not think twice about paying $3 more for the choice cut, which is more tender and juicy. Also, the Imakatsu pork loin was more fatty at the ends, and I do like fatty cuts of meat. That said, both pork katsus were cooked perfectly, not overdone or dry.


If you are wondering what that yellow swirl on the plates are, it is wasabi!


And I must rave about their rice! Look at how beautiful it is! Every single grain is so round and fluffy!

Overall, I found the quality of the food there very satisfactory. The only part that needs improvement is the service staff. When we asked the waitress serving us to recommend dishes or to explain the distinction between the pork dishes, she could not. Also, she could not identify the difference between the sasami and chicken katsu (sasami is chicken breast, while chicken katsu is thigh meat), I had to google for the answer.

Imakatsu Japanese Restaurant
1 Vista Exchange Green #01-17
The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 6148

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