Ramen Keisuke Tori King: One for Chicken Lovers


While I love ramen, it is not that easy for me to convince my family to eat ramen. My dad thinks eating ramen is equivalent to eating instant noodles–a waste of money. My sis thinks pigs are cute, so that rules out almost all good ramen places as it is common for the soup base to be pork. However, there is a solution for my sis. There is a good chicken ramen place in town!


Ramen Keisuke Tori King is founded by Keisuke Takeda, who started his career as a chef with a French restaurant. After 12 years, he moved on to fine-tune his culinary skills in Japanese cuisine, notably on ramen. Soon, his popularity expanded beyond Japan and in 2010 he opened his first overseas outlet–Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo–in Singapore.

You would have probably heard of Tonkotsu King, one of his ramen concept restaurants in Singapore. His innovative ramen creations have made his chain one of the more highly regarded ones in Singapore. His Tonkotsu Ramen Special won the top spot as the Critics’ Choice in Timeout Singapore’s Best Ramen Bowl.




There was a queue when we got there, but since it was just sis and me, we manage to skip it and got ourselves a seat. If you come in groups of three or four, you might have to wait. By the way, the dining area is pretty tiny, with just a bar top, a huge table in the middle and a couple of tables for four against the wall.


Prominently displayed on the huge table is a collection of striking green bottles. I did not try this because I do not like matcha but if you like green tea, you can give their very own Japanese green tea cola a try!


The ordering process is quite simple. There is a slip of paper placed at every seat for you to choose the options that you want. For adults, there are four different types of ramen and you can opt for your favourite toppings at additional cost. Each ramen originally comes with a huge chicken thigh.




They serve bean sprouts and boiled eggs for free. Apparently the boiled eggs are a major hit among the guys.



I had the Black Spicy Tori King Ramen with flavoured egg while my sis had the Tori King Ramen with flavoured egg. Initially, I could not stop coughing after drinking the soup, but the spiciness kind of wore off after a few more slurps. I always found chicken soup to be a classic and extremely comforting, and this was no different. It was a soup that was packed with flavours.


This has my stamp of approval! Now I just have to find a ramen place that will convince my dad that ramen is not like instant noodles. Know of any?

Ramen Keisuke Tori King
100 Tras Street #03-15
Singapore 079027
Tel: 6604 6861
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-1500hrs and 1730-2200hrs

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