Crodo Mooncakes from Da Paolo

UntitledIt is nearing Mid Autumn Festival and you can see many places selling mooncakes during this period of time. Mooncakes have evolved so much from the traditional baked mooncakes with lotus paste and egg yolk in it. We see not only snowskin mooncakes with lotus paste, but also chocolate ganache, cheesecake, cookies and cream, and so on. 

I came across one of the most interesting variations thus far. Da Paolo has caught on the mooncake craze yet retaining its signature croissant-donut pastry. Its now famous crodo or cronut as most of us know it by, comes in white lotus and salted egg flavours. And, for a limited time only!




The pink and green flowers on top of the crodos are actually made of snowskin! Furthermore, the golden hue of the frostings on top make it all the more festive. 

The ones with pink flowers on top contain white lotus paste, while the ones with green flowers on top contain a blend of salted egg yolk and custard.





A box of four crodos costs $23.20 and a box of eight goes for $40.80. You will have to pre-order three days in advance and have an option to collect it at their outlets around Singapore. 

It is only available till 8 September 2014, so do not wait too long to get yours! Click here to order online.

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