Greece Travelogue 6: Mykonos Island


The last of my travels to Greece… Mykonos Island. We departed after breakfast at Crepe House which was along the main street. There are many savoury and sweet crepes to choose from.


I had the cheesecake crepe, which came with lots of cream cheese and crumble. I felt they could do more about sprucing up the crepes, but they tasted pretty good.




It was a busy day at the port. We took the Cosmote High Speed 5 ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. For one thing, this supposedly speedy ferry was late. Also, it was extremely dirty. Imagine menstruation stains on seats and rubbish everywhere. We had to put plastic bags on our seats.ABSOLUTELY GROSSED OUT!


We were so glad to disembark from the ferry and made our way to our hotel, Hotel Petasos Town. They have a sister hotel on the beach which we were allowed full access to the facilities. This hotel is situated just on the outskirts of the town centre. And the hospitality here was tip top! Special mention to Nikolas who was really helpful during our entire stay.





We walked around the town and everything here is super expensive! It is probably the most expensive area of Greece that we have been to.






We had dinner at Little Venice Restaurant. The pasta cost 15 euro. It was quite delicious, with fresh tomatoes in the sauce.


We then got lost for an hour just trying to find our way back to the hotel! The alleys all look like the one above and there were zilch road signs. Also, the locals did not really speak English. We ended up walking in circles until we found one helpful lady who pointed us in the right direction.

Our second day at Mykonos was a relaxing one. We had a late start and then we took the shuttle service to the sister hotel. It was very classy, next to where the yachts docked. We tanned at the pool until lunch time.





I have to absolutely gush about the lukumades! They are like little donuts, with honey, cinnamon and sesame. Very addictive!


We went back to our hotel after that to shower and watch a movie. Then, we went to the square for dinner. We found this cheap takeaway place with some tables outside, Huge portions for only 3.80 euro! Wished we came across this earlier.



We went back to the hotel and lounged around the rooftop which had sun beds.

Our time at Mykonos was quickly over. We had to make our way back to Athens.




We took the afternoon ferry back to Athens, reaching at night. We stayed there for two more days before flying back to Singapore.

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