Greece Travelogue 5: Finding out More about Santorini


And after all the food posts, it is back to Greece. Do not worry, it is just this and Mykonos left and we are done! I am also glad to finish blogging about Greece, did not know it took such a long time. Where did we leave off the last time?

I believe we had just arrived at Santorini the day before and booked a day tour on the island. We went for breakfast a minute’s walk away from our hotel at Corner Cafe. As usual, meals here, inclusive of breakfast, are pricey.



My set of scrambled eggs and bacon, together with fresh orange juice cost 7.50 euro. Considering the serving size, it was worth the money compared to some of the other meals I had.

We then went to our pick-up point for our day tour. Did you know that Santorini used to be round? The volcano in the middle of the island erupted and engulfed the island, forming a huge crater, which was filled by the sea, causing it to be shaped like this today.



Featuring our vivacious and humourous tour guide! She filled our day with quips and interesting facts!

Our first stop was at the Akrotiri archaeological site. It is massive and extremely well-preserved. Also, the area is totally sheltered, so you do not have to perspire under the hot sun. The ancient civilisation was buried under volcanic ash and the ruins tell a riveting tale (which I am not going to tell because it will ruin the experience should you pay this place a visit).








The real sad thing is that the archaeologist who found the place died in an accident while excavating it.

Some other fascinating facts include the fact that this civilisation had no hierarchy. They had organic produce typical of today’s Greek society, and also because they lived near the sea, they ate fish. The archaeologists found tools, beds, bathtubs and vases.


Our next stop was the Red Beach. The colouration can be attributed to the volcanic rocks. Despite the fact that there were warnings all over the place that the place was restricted due to falling rocks, people can be seen at the beach.

Following that, we had lunch at the Black Beach. We were supposed to go suntanning there after lunch, but all the sun beds were taken up by then and it was really too hot, so we just took our time over lunch and enjoyed the scenery.





We made our way to the highest point of Santorini, which offered us a panoramic view of the whole island.



After all the walking, we made our way to Santo Wines for some wine tasting. The winery was built on different levels due to the landscape. It was an ingenious idea as gravity helps in the fermenting and packaging process.





We had three different wines, the Assyrtiko, Nykteri and Vinsanto. I bought the Vinsanto in the end. It is a dessert wine made with white grapes but has a reddish colouration due to the sundried grapes. I simply love the sweet tasting of dessert wines!



Santo Wines is truly a beautiful place. We took some more shots before leaving for Oia (pronounced as ee-ya). According to the tour guide, it is where all the beautiful sunset pictures of Santorini are taken. However, I did not really find the place special. In fact, the picture spot was so crowded that it was a turn off.




We had dinner at the quieter side of Oia.



This was the sunset from the restaurant. We made our way to the picture spot, but it was so crowded that I could not even see the sunset! What a bummer!

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