Homecooked Piri Piri Chicken with Side Salad


I cooked today! It is no masterpiece, so do not get your hopes up high, and I am at best a bumbling fool in the kitchen. But since I had time on hand, I decided to make a trip to the supermarket and cook dinner for my mother since dad and sis were not around (anyway, no point giving the whole family food poisoning). 

And here is the final product…


I thought it looked pretty good (what’s more, I did not burn down the kitchen, yeah!). And the colouration is quite scary and that reflects the amount of spiciness that went into the chicken! I was amazed at how fiery hot it turned out, guess I underestimated the potency of the seasoning.


I dressed the greens with balsamic vinaigrette and sliced Bravante Vineyards grade one black seedless grapes to offset the spiciness with some sweetness.



For the chicken, I mixed Whittingtons Hot and Spicy Piri Piri seasoning with olive oil and let it rest for about 20 minutes before marinating the chicken with it. This is the step that went wrong, I should have been less generous with the seasoning. By the way, I did not add anymore oil when it came to cooking the chicken.


And there you have it…. dinner is served! Everything was easy to prepare and cooking time was quite short too! I can definitely do this again!

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