BreadTalk’s Mooncake Collection


I was so happy to reach home after a long day at work and see two jewel-toned paper bags containing boxes of mooncakes from BreadTalk! Best of all, I got to try a variety of mooncakes from the Indulgence (traditional baked mooncakes) and Joyous (mini snow skin mooncakes) selections.



I know I sound a bit insane when I say this, but I could not help touching the silky texture of the boxes. I am totally infatuated with the beautifully designed fabric boxes with Mid-Autumn Festival motifs on top. 


The Indulgence selection is a four piece set ($52.80 for lotus with yolk blend or $48.80 for lotus with melon seed). The mooncakes are individually packaged (the individual boxes are also beautifully crafted), which is really handy if you cannot finish a box of four or want to give them as gifts. 





The mooncakes are filled with premium preservative-free natural white lotus paste which is both savoury and sweet. In addition, the yolk is evenly distributed within the mooncake and lends a different consistency to the smoothness of the paste. What is important to note is how thin, moist and golden brown the pastry is.

I saved the best for last because I am more of a snow skin mooncake person. It was a pleasure to unwrap all the mooncakes and try to decipher the flavours.



The Joyous selection is a set of eight mini snow skin mooncakes ($52.80 for pairs of Whiskey, Coffee Baileys, Double Chocolate and Sesame).


I started from what I believed to be the lightest flavour first (by that I meant from lightest colour to the darkest colour). And before you see the cross-sections, all the mooncakes had a little secret tucked away inside. They each had a truffle with different flavours to best complement each of the mooncakes.


Mini Whisky Truffle (with 12-year old Macallan whisky). My dad’s favourite among the four as he found the other three a bit strong and while this was a modernised mooncake, he felt it retained most of the traditional elements of a mooncake.


Mini Coffee Baileys Truffle (with Baileys Irish Cream). You can inhale the beautiful aroma of the coffee as soon as you open the packet. Recommended for coffee lovers!  


Mini Double Chocolate Truffle (with Valrhona chocolate). This was my favourite. I do not really love chocolate but I love the slight crunchiness of the truffle, which was different from the other three. 


Mini Black Sesame Truffle. I think this will be a bit subjective, depending on how partial you are towards sesame. It is a bit on the heavy side, but since the mooncake is quite small, it is not overpowering.

On a side note, I realised after taking the shots that I am horrible at taking cross-sections! The mooncakes become misshapen lumps. Oh well! But they are still tasty anyway.

Here are some of BreadTalk’s in-store promotions:

Early Bird Special 19 Jul – 19 Aug
– 15% discount for purchase of any box of Joyous. 
– 20% discount for purchase of any box of Prestige/ Indulgence. 
– 30% discount for purchase of any 3 boxes of Prestige/ Indulgence. 

20 Aug – 8 Sep
Purchase any 2 boxes of Prestige/ Indulgence/ Joyous at 20% discount.

19 Jul – 31 Aug
UOB cardmembers enjoy 25% discount off Prestige /Indulgence + 1 box of Joyous.

19 Jul – 31 Aug
Enjoy 30% off purchase of 2 boxes of Prestige/ Indulgence with 14th Anniversary bounceback coupon

28 Aug – 8 Sep
Enjoy $10 off purchase of a box of Prestige (limited to 2 boxes per customer) with Lianhe Wanbao cut-out coupon.

For more information, visit BreadTalk’s website here.

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