New Offerings at Saboten, 313@Somerset


If you have been reading my blog, you will remember that I blogged about Saboten here not very long ago. I was invited to their IMM outlet, which is different from the other outlets as it serves items like shabu shabu and teppanyaki. This time around, I was invited to their newly opened one at 313@Somerset to try new premium offerings like Iberico Loin Katsu and Fried Jumbo Prawn!


Saboten has relocated its Parco outlet and moved into town. To celebrate the move, Saboten has introduced some items which are exclusive to this outlet at 313@Somerset like the Iberico Loin Katsu and Fried Jumbo Prawn. While some items have become staples in the menu, both the Iberico Loin Katsu as well as their Ebi Katsu Feast are only available until the end of August. 




All set menus come with free refills of the rice, their signature shredded cabbage and miso soup. On top of their famous tonkatsu sauce, we got to taste their yuzu and sesame dressings. I personally loved the yuzu dressing and ended up dousing my shredded cabbage with it!

Also, another thing not to be missed is the chawanmushi. It is literally silky and soft, and very palatable. 


My mum had the Fried Jumbo Prawn Set ($26). It is extremely huge! As you can see from the picture above, the prawn takes up the whole plate! My mum found that the crunchy exterior was a pleasant contrast to its fresh and juicy meat.


I had the Iberico Loin Katsu ($28). How does it compare to Saboten’s usual tonkatsu? Definitely more marbling and because of that, the meat is very tender! While I definitely enjoyed that, the fatty ends put me off, so I bit them off (yes, I know some people order this just for the fatty parts).


We also ordered a Twin Special to share. It came with pork loin, shrimps, crab cream coquette and asparagus cheese roll. Not sure if it was a right move because the portions of the sets were already generous enough.



Other that their tonkatsu sauce, you can choose to dip your katsu into curry sauce or radish dip. Should your set originally not come with curry sauce, you will have to pay an additional $3.


This was how full our table was! Hardly any space to move around!


I was looking forward to try their yuzu sobert, but it was not available that day. Matcha was the flavour of the day. It did not meet our expectations. Looking at the colour, you can tell it is a dull green rather than a more vibrant shade that you would relate matcha to. Also, the taste did not come through.

If you ask me, my favourite part of the meal other than the Iberico pork is the shredded cabbage and yuzu dressing! There is just something special about their crunchy  cabbage. I find myself unconsciously just polishing off my bowl!

Be sure to try the Iberico Loin Katsu and Ebi Katsu Feast before it is over!

Saboten, 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road
#B2-02/03 Singapore 238895
Tel: 6333 3432
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-2200hrs.

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