Seasons Bistro: Worth A Second Chance?

Untitled2This bistro is relatively new in the food scene of Singapore and for a period of time, it was appearing on many Instagram feeds. I too jumped on the bandwagon and brought my family there for a meal. However, my visit was less than spectacular, especially after having read all the raving reviews my foodie friends gave. 

Following my visit, I posted about my dismal meal on Instagram and could not be bothered with doing up a blog post on this place. The very same friends then convinced me to give this place a second chance. And so, I made my second visit. Read on to find out how things went!



My previous visit was for dinner and this time I had lunch. I have to admit that their lunch deals are pretty good! Ranging from $12.99 to $18.99 for a three course set, depending on the main course you order. Furthermore, their offerings for appetisers do not sound like run of the mill items, for example one of the choices for salads is the Miso Chicken with Potato Salad and Yuzu Ponzu. 

I ordered the soup of the day, which was Cream of Mushroom, Southend Summer Pasta and a Sprite for $14.99. In addition, I topped up $5 for a dessert, which originally cost between $12 to $14.  



Initially, I thought the droplets of oil were truffle oil, but they were olive oil. The mushroom was finely diced and had just enough cream to make it thick. The only negative point was that it was not hot, kind of like it was left on the counter for some time before serving.

My friend ordered the Spinach Greens Mac and Cheese ($16) with peas, broccoli, mushrooms, crumbs and sprouts. You can pay extra if you wish to add meat.



Similar to some cream-based products, it got quite cloying after awhile, but it was good while it lasted.


I was rather fond of my pasta. The tomato sauce had this spiciness and tanginess to it that made it very appetising. Not many people are fond of chorizo, but I loved it!


Also should you not like tagliatelle, you can switch to either spaghetti or linguine. My friend ordered the same dish, hers definitely looked prettier but all three of us agreed that mine tasted better. That goes to say that there is little consistency in their dishes.

For dessert, I chose their Red Velvet Cheesecake.



This is definitely an interesting cake, a mesh of the popular red velvet with cheesecake and an oreo crust. I enjoyed this cake but I am not sure if I would be willing to pay its original price of $14 for a slice.

Overall verdict? I will be back for their set lunch (great options and affordable prices), definitely not coming back for dinner. Also, I feel that their desserts are way too overpriced.

Seasons Bistro
111 Somerset Road, #01-11/12
Singapore 238164
Tel: 6836 5841
Opening Hours:
Open daily from 1000-2230hrs.

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