Pan Delights: A Must-Try


This shop in Bukit Merah has changed hands a few times and finally there is one that I hope is here to stay.Pan Delights is located near Bukit Merah Public LIbrary and just next to the pet shop. You will spot the tiny storefront as you turn into the carpark. 

The aim of Pan Delights is to bring good quality food to the masses and forming a nice little chill out place that they can truly call their own. It is operated by “two blokes” (their words), Jerome and Andrew, who constantly tweak and improve on their menus.

The current menu is a revision and the next update will be sometime in September or October. They keep the favourites and remove the less popular dishes. They spend up to one third of their monthly on Research and Development to deliver more refined food!


I did count! It was exactly 30 steps :)





This bistro is actually pretty tiny, seating about 20 people (I am sitting against the back wall), So I would recommend you to call ahead before making a trip down.



I like what they did with the interior. Simple white walls and a mural depicting their bistro. Similar to what they have done with the decor, the food is also presented in a simple and tasteful manner.


We ordered the Charmine salad ($9.90) with additional smoked salmon ($3). Baby spinach, apples,walnuts, sunflower seeds and sultanas. Dressed with their homemade honey lemon vinaigrette. Found the serving size a bit small for the price, but we loved the dressing.


One of the new items on the menu after the revision… duck confit ($16.90). Slow-cooked duck leg, bone-in, seated on a bed of mashed potato (which my sister had requested for more greens instead) and wilted spinach. Topped with truffle oil and a balsamic reduction sauce. This seemed to be a popular dish the day we went as almost all the tables ordered it.


Dad and I had the aglio olio, chicken and scallop & prawns ($10.90 and $14.90 respectively).



The pasta was cooked perfectly, with a strong garlic taste (love garlic!) and some parsley. I would love for it to be spicier, but if you cannot take too much chilli, this would be just nice.

And now for the desserts…



The one thing that was not up to standard was the lava cake ($8.90). As the name suggests, the molten centre should flow out as you cut into the cake and as you can see from the picture above, it looked just like a normal chocolate cake. Worse still, the cake was lukewarm (which probably accounted for the almost solid centre).

We informed the staff and they exchanged a new one for us.


I had the yuzu cheesecake ($6). I adored the citrus taste in the cheese, always found the citrus-cheese combination a palatable one. Aside from the filling, the crust is an important element when it comes to cheesecakes. It was a bit soggy, not as firm as I would have liked it to be.



The replacement lava cake was just slightly better. At least, this time around it was warm. However, the centre was not very runny.


I saved the best for last… this place has no GST or service charge! All their prices are nett!

Pan Delights Bistro
Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central
#01-3725 Singapore 570317
Tel: 9835 1147
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 1200-1430hrs and 1730-2200hrs
Saturday: 1000-1430hrs and 1730-2200hrs
Sunday: 1000-1530hrs
Monday: Closed

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