Crodo Mooncakes from Da Paolo

UntitledIt is nearing Mid Autumn Festival and you can see many places selling mooncakes during this period of time. Mooncakes have evolved so much from the traditional baked mooncakes with lotus paste and egg yolk in it. We see not only snowskin mooncakes with lotus paste, but also chocolate ganache, cheesecake, cookies and cream, and so on. 

I came across one of the most interesting variations thus far. Da Paolo has caught on the mooncake craze yet retaining its signature croissant-donut pastry. Its now famous crodo or cronut as most of us know it by, comes in white lotus and salted egg flavours. And, for a limited time only!



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Greece Travelogue 6: Mykonos Island


The last of my travels to Greece… Mykonos Island. We departed after breakfast at Crepe House which was along the main street. There are many savoury and sweet crepes to choose from.


I had the cheesecake crepe, which came with lots of cream cheese and crumble. I felt they could do more about sprucing up the crepes, but they tasted pretty good.




It was a busy day at the port. We took the Cosmote High Speed 5 ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. For one thing, this supposedly speedy ferry was late. Also, it was extremely dirty. Imagine menstruation stains on seats and rubbish everywhere. We had to put plastic bags on our seats.ABSOLUTELY GROSSED OUT!

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Greece Travelogue 5: Finding out More about Santorini


And after all the food posts, it is back to Greece. Do not worry, it is just this and Mykonos left and we are done! I am also glad to finish blogging about Greece, did not know it took such a long time. Where did we leave off the last time?

I believe we had just arrived at Santorini the day before and booked a day tour on the island. We went for breakfast a minute’s walk away from our hotel at Corner Cafe. As usual, meals here, inclusive of breakfast, are pricey.



My set of scrambled eggs and bacon, together with fresh orange juice cost 7.50 euro. Considering the serving size, it was worth the money compared to some of the other meals I had.

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Homecooked Piri Piri Chicken with Side Salad


I cooked today! It is no masterpiece, so do not get your hopes up high, and I am at best a bumbling fool in the kitchen. But since I had time on hand, I decided to make a trip to the supermarket and cook dinner for my mother since dad and sis were not around (anyway, no point giving the whole family food poisoning). 

And here is the final product…


I thought it looked pretty good (what’s more, I did not burn down the kitchen, yeah!). And the colouration is quite scary and that reflects the amount of spiciness that went into the chicken! I was amazed at how fiery hot it turned out, guess I underestimated the potency of the seasoning.

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BreadTalk’s Mooncake Collection


I was so happy to reach home after a long day at work and see two jewel-toned paper bags containing boxes of mooncakes from BreadTalk! Best of all, I got to try a variety of mooncakes from the Indulgence (traditional baked mooncakes) and Joyous (mini snow skin mooncakes) selections.



I know I sound a bit insane when I say this, but I could not help touching the silky texture of the boxes. I am totally infatuated with the beautifully designed fabric boxes with Mid-Autumn Festival motifs on top. 

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New Offerings at Saboten, 313@Somerset


If you have been reading my blog, you will remember that I blogged about Saboten here not very long ago. I was invited to their IMM outlet, which is different from the other outlets as it serves items like shabu shabu and teppanyaki. This time around, I was invited to their newly opened one at 313@Somerset to try new premium offerings like Iberico Loin Katsu and Fried Jumbo Prawn!


Saboten has relocated its Parco outlet and moved into town. To celebrate the move, Saboten has introduced some items which are exclusive to this outlet at 313@Somerset like the Iberico Loin Katsu and Fried Jumbo Prawn. While some items have become staples in the menu, both the Iberico Loin Katsu as well as their Ebi Katsu Feast are only available until the end of August. 

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Seasons Bistro: Worth A Second Chance?

Untitled2This bistro is relatively new in the food scene of Singapore and for a period of time, it was appearing on many Instagram feeds. I too jumped on the bandwagon and brought my family there for a meal. However, my visit was less than spectacular, especially after having read all the raving reviews my foodie friends gave. 

Following my visit, I posted about my dismal meal on Instagram and could not be bothered with doing up a blog post on this place. The very same friends then convinced me to give this place a second chance. And so, I made my second visit. Read on to find out how things went!



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