Dinner and Dessert at Chez Petit Salut and Sunday Folks

UntitledSis and I went to Holland Village for dinner last week. Instead of heading to our usual hangouts at Holland Village, we decided to have dinner and dessert at Chip Bee Gardens. As most of you would know, Creamier’s sister cafe, Sunday Folks, has opened their doors and many people have been flocking over to try out their soft serves and waffles.

We made a pit stop at Chez Petit Salut just next door for diner first. It is a small French bistro, with a casual dress-code. What we did not know was behind its unpretentious exterior lies superbly prepared cuisine!  



Other than the items on the ala carte menu, the bistro also offers chef’s specials on a huge chalkboard across the back of the dining area.


We chose to sit indoors because it was well-lit (better for taking pictures) and it was really humid outside. However, I felt that the ambiance was better outside as the crowds at the larger tables were rather chatty.


Both sis and I opted for the specials without meals as we knew we are going to Sunday Folks for dessert after.


Sis ordered the Coq Au Vin with root vegetables ($32). The chicken was extremely tender and well marinated in red wine. The meat just falls off the thigh!


I had the pan-seared onglet beef “Cafe de Paris” with french fries ($36). I could not stop raving about this the whole meal! The beef was awesome! It was tender, juicy and moist! I have to admit it was slightly salty, especially with the fries, but it was not an issue for me.

After paying our bill, we went next door for dessert. It was my second time there and my sister’s first visit. I have to admit that my first visit very memorable and this one was not that great.

Here are the pictures from my first visit, taken with my iPhone4s:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

The ice cream did not start melting immediately upon arrival at the table, which was not the case the day I brought my sis there.


We ordered the earl grey lavender tea, as I could recall their earl grey lavender cone fondly. It was disappointing to see it arrive in a cup, rather than a pot. The lavender flavour was kind of overpowered by the earl grey tea.


On my first visit, I had the earl grey lavender and sea salt gula melaka cones, as well as the chocolate waffles. Everything was perfect, down to the selection of assorted toppings.

As for the cone this time around, I ordered Madagascar vanilla, thinking that it would be very remarkable if they could deliver a supreme vanilla cone. However, I was not terribly impressed. The flavour was nothing special. I would highly recommend the earl grey lavender if you have not been there yet.


Chez Petit Salut (Holland Village)
44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-54 Singapore 278116
Tel: 6474 9788
Monday to Saturday 1130-1430hrs and 1830-2230hrs


Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-52 Singapore 278116
Tuesday to Sunday 1200-2200hrs

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