[Newly Opened] Issho Izakaya at Kallang Wave


I visited the newly opened Kallang Wave with my family yesterday. Our main intention was to try this Japanese restaurant called Issho Izakaya. My mum had patronised this restaurant twice before bringing me along for the ride last night.

They had their opening ceremony the day before and you can tell from the numerous bouquets that it was a huge hit! Instead of the usual opening fanfare, they went the traditional Japanese style and broke a huge barrel of sake!



This restaurant is helmed by Chef Takayuki Fukushima, who hails from Tokyo, Japan. He had a stint in Paris, France, before rising to the rank of an Executive Chef. He specialises in Japanese Western fusion cuisine and you can taste it in every bite here.

In addition to the main dining area, Issho Izakaya has private tatami rooms available for booking also. Surprisingly, tourists made up a huge proportion of their crowd.



Before getting down to the food, we ordered both the genmaicha and warm sake. I would recommend the genmaicha if you like Japanese green tea. This is one level up, where they combine it with roasted brown rice to form this lovely fragrance.



One of the first things I ordered was the lotus chips ($6). A tad pricey, but oh-so-good! I munched on these chips throughout my whole meal.



Mum had the buta shabu salad ($12.80). Expect thinly sliced pork with greens and goma dressing. I am not a big fan of goma dressing, so this did not do it for me.


Other than the Japanese Western fusion dishes that the chef is famous for, you can also find other fusion dishes available here, such as the buta kakuni ($12.50), also known locally as stewed pork belly.


Sis ordered the kaisen salad ($20). A brightly coloured Japanese vegetable salad paired with assorted seafood and Issho’s special dressing. I thought they presented it pretty special, on a wooden plank, instead of the usual plate.


I had the steak don ($18.50). Grilled US beef steak over a bowl of rice. The beef was definitely tender but I would have preferred it medium instead of well done.

The highlight of the dinner for my family, especially my mum and sis, was the nama kaki ($14.80). Fresh oysters served on the rocks, with special ponzu and sour cream sauce. The oysters were plump.



Next, came the chef’s daily specials. These are not on the menu and change daily depending on the ingredients. Yesterday’s were quiche, roasted pork and tomato in shot glass.



And as usual, the best for last… desserts! Look at the beautiful and perfectly scooped yuzu ice cream below! Check with the staff for flavours available and you will be lucky to try this refreshing yuzu one at $4.80 per scoop.


The following dessert is the one my mum was raving about… blancmange ($8.50). It is also an excellent example of fusion dishes. Panna cotta black sesame pudding served with homemade black sesame ice cream.



We were lucky to get an additional scoop of sesame ice cream!

And that wrapped up dinner. However, you may also choose to walk it off, as just outside the restaurant lies a well-lit path. You can see families strolling and also some joggers along the way.



By the way, keep a look out for their upcoming lunch specials!

Issho Izakaya
1 Stadium Place #01-13/K5
Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub
Tel: 6702 4708
Sundays to Thursdays 1100-2300hrs
Fridays to Saturdays 1100-0000hrsIssho Izakaya

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