Champagne Brunch at The Knolls, Capella Singapore


Here I am breaking the monotony of my Greece posts with a food one. I had the pleasure of dining at The Knolls at Capella, Singapore, with Seth and Melissa some time back. It was an exquisite Sunday Brunch and we (literally) wined and dined!

I must also apologise beforehand for the quality of my pictures as I was using my sister’s DSLR (she borrowed my point and shoot for diving), so I was fumbling my way around, but I thought some of the shots came out pretty well.



I can assure you that the setting and the food will sweep you off your feet. We sat at a table next to the windows. Not only did that allow for penetration of natural light (good for taking pictures), we could also take in the scenery and the few peacocks strolling along outside.

The selection of food is very wide here. I think what was also notable was that in addition to the wide variety, they did not cut back on their quality of food.



The oyster bar is definitely worth mentioning. They were huge and very fresh. Also, the demand for them kept coming that the staff was constantly shelling the oysters to meet with the call for them.

The Knolls has a remarkable spread of appetisers, served cold cuts, Mediterranean Filo tarts as well as a range of quiches, such as bacon onion and onion mushroom, to name a few.








For me, it was the outdoor selection that caught my attention! The tantalizing smell of meat was so aromatic! I shall let the pictures do the talking for me.



I must say the salt-crusted roasted prime rib was superb, but do ask for the middle portions as Seth got the end and it was a bit well done.




As you can tell from the picture below, I took the opportunity to grab a bit of everything before I went back for a second round.




Our bubblies! If you want to opt for free flow of champagnes and wines, the brunch will cost you $168++,or $148++ per adult with free flow of wines. If not, the standard Sunday brunch costs $128++. It is quite dear, but I think you get what you pay for. It is really a great place, especially if you have any special occasion to celebrate.

What makes this place stand out from other brunch places is that the chef prepares special items for each table, which means that the table next to you might not get the same item that you are having! We had truffle egg waffles!




Also there is a live band which performs as you are eating. They will make their way around the whole restaurant.


Last but not least, desserts! The most important part of our meal! So many things to try and so little space in our stomachs.



You have to save space for their ice cream! I recommend the pear (for sweet-tooths) and chestnut.






This brown rock might seem like nothing special, but crack it open for a chocolate surprise!


And as you can see, I tried a bit of everything! I cannot make up my mind which is the best, so maybe you should try it and decide on your own. The Sunday brunch as the name suggests is only available every Sunday, from 12.30 to 3pm. Soft drinks, coffee, tea and mineral water are included.

The Knolls is also celebrating Singapore’s birthday this August. Enjoy luxurious twists to local favourites, including succulent satay skewer platters, grilled browns and sambal stingray from 6.30pm onwards, from 8 to 10 August 2014. Besides that, come Sunday 10 August 2014, you get to enjoy the regular vibrant fanfare at Sunday Brunch with an additional Singaporean touch. Find out more here.

The Knolls @ Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297
Tel: 6591 5046
Daily from 0700-2300hrs

4 thoughts on “Champagne Brunch at The Knolls, Capella Singapore

  1. Idrus Rashid says:

    Hi Jennifer. I am Idrus and I am from the band that play at Capella’s Sunday Brunch. I enjoyed reading your write-up and looking the nice photos that you took.
    We really like the photo of the band and would like to seek your permission to use it as our portfolio. Hope it is ok with you. Looking forward to your reply and thank you.

  2. Qiuuing says:

    Hi Idrus, thank you for leaving a comment! I’m glad you enjoyed my post on The Knolls. By the way, although I did not go much into it, I really loved listening to your band (but I do have to admit my main focus was the food that day!). It is ok to use my picture of your band. Would appreciate if you could credit me for it though :)

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