Greece Travelogue 1: Venturing out from Athens


Sorry for neglecting my blog! I must admit that I have been lazy and procrastinated when it came to sorting out the pictures and editing them. However, here is the first edition of my Greece trip.

The first few days of the trip were quite eventful. That was because we had a 24 hour journey to Greece, with two stopovers, one of which was eight hours! And then, it was raining the first day we set off and we kept our umbrellas in our suitcases, which were stored under the bus. And so, here are the pictures…



We took Etihad and had a transit first at Kuala Lumpur and then a second one at Abu Dhabi. I must say the airport at Abu Dhabi is one of the most interesting ones I have ever flown to! The moment you step into the central area, you are greeted by this beautiful blue and green dome!


And after another few more hours, we reached Athens. We had a friendly cab driver, who despite not knowing much English, tried to convey some important information to us. Since it was late afternoon by the time we checked in and we were practically dead on our feet, we were not keen to explore and went to a place nearby for dinner.

Everest is a chain you can find throughout Greece and the food is pretty affordable! This hotdog bun cost about 2.50 euro.


The next morning, we left bright and early and headed to a canal between Central Athens and Corinth. I did not step out of the bus as you can see from the picture, it was raining quite heavily. What a pity! It was something special.


Next, we visited the Sanctuary of Epidaurus, the God of Healing. Did you know that the symbol of medicine is the snake? According to the tour guide, it is because snakes came out from his grave and had healing powers. Anyway, we climbed up to the top and managed to get a bird’s eye view of the place.




We made a pit-stop at a place with three castles near the coast called Nafplion before lunch at a touristic restaurant. I find food in Greece to be generally expensive, other than in Athens. It is priced between 7-14 euros, which is quite a lot for everyday food. This is also a personal thing, but I feel that they are generous with salt on their meats and meats were rather tough.





We then got back on our bus and went to Agemenon archaeological site and beehive dome. Just in case you are wondering, we bought a 4D3N tour with G.O. Tours.

We were not really impressed with the service for a few reasons. The tour guide did not wait for everyone and often started explanation before everyone was gathered. Furthermore, the driver and tour guide took their own sweet time after lunch (even when the guide tells us that we should not dilly dally, so we can see more sights) and we, the paying customers, were usually the ones waiting for them at the bus.









After that, we headed for Olympia and checked into our hotel. Dinner was at the restaurant within the hotel. We were welcomed with a folk dance.








It was the same problem with the meat here. It was so salty I did not finish a third of it and that is saying something for a carnivore.

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