Dinner and Dessert at Chez Petit Salut and Sunday Folks

UntitledSis and I went to Holland Village for dinner last week. Instead of heading to our usual hangouts at Holland Village, we decided to have dinner and dessert at Chip Bee Gardens. As most of you would know, Creamier’s sister cafe, Sunday Folks, has opened their doors and many people have been flocking over to try out their soft serves and waffles.

We made a pit stop at Chez Petit Salut just next door for diner first. It is a small French bistro, with a casual dress-code. What we did not know was behind its unpretentious exterior lies superbly prepared cuisine!  



Other than the items on the ala carte menu, the bistro also offers chef’s specials on a huge chalkboard across the back of the dining area.

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Burpple Tasting: Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill


I was invited for a tasting at Sana Fe Tex-Mex Grill and it was something special because (a) it was on a riverboat, (b) it was located in an area which I can safely say is seldom explored, and (c) the number of times I have had Tex-Mex can be counted on one hand. Needless to say, with such a combination, I was really looking forward to the tasting.




The boat is docked at Marina South Pier, along Marina Coastal Drive. It is definitely a grand sight and a rather familiar one if you can recognise the refurbished A&W riverboat from Sentosa long time ago.

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[Newly Opened] Issho Izakaya at Kallang Wave


I visited the newly opened Kallang Wave with my family yesterday. Our main intention was to try this Japanese restaurant called Issho Izakaya. My mum had patronised this restaurant twice before bringing me along for the ride last night.

They had their opening ceremony the day before and you can tell from the numerous bouquets that it was a huge hit! Instead of the usual opening fanfare, they went the traditional Japanese style and broke a huge barrel of sake!



This restaurant is helmed by Chef Takayuki Fukushima, who hails from Tokyo, Japan. He had a stint in Paris, France, before rising to the rank of an Executive Chef. He specialises in Japanese Western fusion cuisine and you can taste it in every bite here.

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Champagne Brunch at The Knolls, Capella Singapore


Here I am breaking the monotony of my Greece posts with a food one. I had the pleasure of dining at The Knolls at Capella, Singapore, with Seth and Melissa some time back. It was an exquisite Sunday Brunch and we (literally) wined and dined!

I must also apologise beforehand for the quality of my pictures as I was using my sister’s DSLR (she borrowed my point and shoot for diving), so I was fumbling my way around, but I thought some of the shots came out pretty well.



I can assure you that the setting and the food will sweep you off your feet. We sat at a table next to the windows. Not only did that allow for penetration of natural light (good for taking pictures), we could also take in the scenery and the few peacocks strolling along outside.

The selection of food is very wide here. I think what was also notable was that in addition to the wide variety, they did not cut back on their quality of food.

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Greece Travelogue 4: Beautiful Santorini


Lo and behold! Check out our ferry to Santorini!

Yes, imagine Superstar Virgo, multiple decks and all, with a souvenir shop, fast food restaurant, cafe and cushy seats! We simply could not believe this was our ferry. We totally imagined those rustic ferries that we take to Batam. What a pleasant surprise!


We had to wake up at 4.50am to reach the port at 6.25am for boarding. It was a seven hour cruise with a few stops at the other islands, but time did not seem long when you are enjoying yourself!

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Greece Travelogue 2: The Journey from Olympia to Delphi


After a not-very-restful night of sleep (still not used to the timezone), we checked out of the hotel and went to see the famed Olympia archaeological site.

I would not really recommend the site if you do not have a guide. As it was, it was hard to envision how it used to be like with the explanation from the guide and the ruins that were left. That aside, the area was vast and good for taking snapshots.



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