Pretty Nails

Untitled It seems like my gelish manicures always coincide with my holidays! And this time it was no different. I was keen on doing an owl theme as well as a floral one. Since I could not make up my mind, I ended up with the floral one on my fingers and the owls on my toes. I suggest you do not click ‘Continue Reading’, unless you want to get up close and personal with my ugly toes. IMG_4398 The nail art was not exactly what I had in mind because it is not me. The colours are very sweet and face it, I am not very girly. However, I thought it got together quite well. I would have preferred the swirls to be green, kind of resembling vines. But I must admit that my manicurist did a lovely job as usual. And now for my toes… IMG_4390 IMG_4392 I love them! Haha, not sure if they look more like owls or penguins, but they are SO CUTE! In fact, I find myself staring at my toes a lot. So happy I got my nails painted!

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