High Tea at the Rose Veranda, Shangri-La Hotel


Sis introduced a new place for high tea to me! It is none other than Rose Veranda at Shangri-La Hotel. We did not really choose an appropriate time to go as they were having the Shangri-La Dialogue there during that period. Hence, the security was really tight and there were many dignitaries around. However, we got a good deal and I will tell how you can get it too!


The Rose Veranda is located on the second floor, which is easily accessible through their huge winding staircase or via the lift. It is very spacious, with floor-to-ceiling windows, affording guests a view of the lush greenery outside.




The place mat and setting provided were very dainty. I simply adored the little floral prints on the napkins, cups and saucers.


The down side to the high tea buffet is that you can only order one type of tea. It is refillable, but such a limiting condition! There were so many different varieties and I could not help but feel that it was a wasted opportunity!



And in case you have difficulty ordering, they have their “Top 10 Favourite Teas” page right at the front of their menu. I had the First Kiss Tea, which is a white tea blend of hibiscus blossoms with amaranth. As it is a white tea, the flavour was very light.

I also learnt something about white tea. Did you know that the white tea has the most antioxidants? It has more antioxidants than green tea as it is less processed and thus able to retain most of its antioxidants.


Other than the pot of tea, you are also served an iced welcome tea. The tea for the day was Happy Birthday Tea, one of their Top 10 Favourites. I personally liked how the sweetness of the berries came through. In fact, even before you sip the tea, the fragrance is the first thing you will notice.









I must say that the savoury part of the buffet did not do much for me, other than the mini sandwiches, sashimi and mee siam. Their mee siam is really something special, more salty than sweet and we could not place what ingredient it was that made the difference, but it was so good!

The dessert display was quite unique as they utilised the side panels to present their cakes and employed cut-outs to beautify the confectionery.




So pretty as they were, how did the cakes taste?


First round of cakes from left: chocolate mousse, durian and carrot cake. Both sis and I are not chocolate fans but we found that the mousse was rich and smooth, yet not very heavy. The durian one I enjoyed but not sure if the fact that I have not had durian cake in a long time might have clouded my judgement. The carrot cake both sis and I found enticingly moist.


Second round of cakes from the front: fig/fruit cake, strawberry shortcake and sacher-torte. My sis could not convince me to eat the fruit cake as I do not like figs. She kept trying to persuade me that it was worth a bite even if I did not like figs. The strawberry shortcake was too creamy and we did not finish it. The sacher-torte was left behind in the dust when compared to the original one we had from Cafe Sacher Salzburg.



The scones and shooters were passable, but nothing special.

Overall, I would rate this place a 3.5/5. However, because of the price we paid, which came up to only $38.35++ after discount, I will rate it 4/5.

The original price for their high tea buffet is $45++, book online to get a 15% discount.

Rose Veranda
Mezzanine Level, Shangri-La Hotel,
22 Orange Grove Road
Tel: 6213 4486
Weekdays from 1130-1800hrs
Weekends and Public Holidays from 1130-1430hrs (first seating) and 1500-1800hrs. (second seating).

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