Affordable Japanese Cuisine at Saboten (Media Tasting)


Never would I have thought that Saboten, which is famous for their tonkatsu, would specialise in sets! And real affordable ones too! Their outlet at IMM has expanded the menu to now include a wide variety, ranging from teppanyaki to teriyaki to shabu shabu. And for people who like mentai, they offer pretty good ones too!




The restaurant is brightly lit and that was really helpful when we were taking pictures. You will notice that their logo/ symbol is reflected everywhere in their decor, especially the walls!


If you look closely, you will notice that the logo is actually a top-down view of cactus! The rationale behind having a cactus as a symbol is because the cactus is resilient and able to grow in the most challenging conditions. And that is what they would like the business to model after.



Saboten prides themselves on being able to deliver good quality food at affordable costs, using the freshest ingredients, usually imported from Japan. They have recently launched 18 brand new set menus in April, which (sadly) is currently only available at their IMM outlet. We had a difficult time choosing what to order!



While waiting for our food to be served, Jaslyn was explaining about their tonkatsu sauce, which has been developed by the R&D team to ensure that the best flavour has been achieved. She later showed us how to make the most out of it.



I think other than the katsu, Saboten is also synonymous with its crunchy salad and creamy goma dressing. I remember going to the outlet at Changi Airport and eating as much as I could of their free-flow salad.


The sets all came with chawanmushi and the steamed egg was so silky and smooth!


Alain ordered the Salmon Sashimi and Loin Katsu Gozen ($22.90), which came with five pieces of sashimi, loin katsu and hotate mentai.


I do not really fancy fried food, but the tonkatsu was crispy and yet not very oily.


The guys especially, could not get enough of the mentai, and ordered more of it ala carte after polishing off their sets.


I ordered the Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu and Half Loin Katsu Gozen ($17.90). In all honestly, I never expected that I would finish the set… and I did not! It was too much for me and so worth the money! Other than what was stated in the name of the set, the set also came with saba.



Each set came with sesame, which you are supposed to grind it yourself. Do it lightly to remove it from the husk. I preferred mine fine. You may eat it with your rice or add their famous tonkatsu sauce to it and end up with a real special dip! Whatever way you choose, the fragrance of the sesame is simply aromatic.




While all these are only available at the IMM outlet, the chain plans to roll it out to the other outlets all over the world. If you have not tried Saboten, this is a great excuse for you to try it!

Saboten Dining
2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-19
IMM Building
Singapore 609601
Tel: 68983432
Opens daily from 1100-2200hrs.


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