My Eastern Europe Trip in 30 Panoramic Shots


Here are my holiday pictures from last year! I realised while looking through my iPhone camera roll that I have not posted any photos from my holiday last year to Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Austria. So I have taken some time to upload the ones that I feel represent my trip there.

Before I start, I must state that I simply adore the panorama shot function in iPhone! It gives an all-encompassing view to the beautiful sights that Europe has to offer. Also, please pardon some of the quality of the photos though, especially the overexposed ones.

Here we go!

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and its rich history makes it a popular destination among tourists. My family and I visited the Hradcany Castle, St Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge. We also took a stroll at the Old Town of Prague.






2. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

One of the most memorable places of my trip is Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Czech Republic. This historical castle district is a must-go! Absolutely beautiful architecture and it was really great to take in the sights. There are many craftsmen, artists and musicians showing their wares there.




3. Dresden, Germany

We travelled to Berlin via Dresden, where we ventured into the fascinating historical landmarks, which included the Frauenkirche and the Zwinger Palace. The palace is a splendid example of a Baroque palace with a beautiful courtyard.



(Sorry I cannot place the next two photos, but they were great shots, so I have added them in. Would appreciate if anyone could help in identify them!)



4. Berlin, Germany

A trip to Germany cannot go without the famous Berlin Wall, which was erected to separate East and West Berlin. This is what was left of it. There are some people standing around selling “fragments of the Berlin Wall” as souvenirs, not sure if that is even legal.

We also visited the Reichstag (seat of German Parliament), Brandenburg Gate and the Charlie Checkpoint.



5. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

Another place that was rather significant to me is the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the oldest mine in Poland. This is not the first mine I have been to, but it is certainly one of the most magnificent ones. The underground chapels are so stunning. It was such a pity my iPhone could not handle the low light.


6. Auswitz Concentration Camp, Poland

I can safely say this is one of the places that I think all history lovers will hope to explore. Never would I thought about visiting some place like this (that I had only read about in books). The horror that had taken place here is simply hard to put into words. It was a very grim experience as we walked through the camps, looked at the pictures and artefacts left from those days.


(A shot before dinner.)


7. Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

As we made our way to Hungary, we made a stop at Slovakia for lunch. We bought tonnes of Christmas cookies (ok, that was an exaggeration, but we did make a huge dent). The Christmas cookies in Europe are so much prettier than the ones we have back home.


8. Budapest, Hungary

My favourite city is probably Budapest. The views were so picturesque there. We visited the famous Heroes Square, St Stephen’s Basilica and Buda side of Hungary’s Capital. Before this trip, I did not know that Budapest was made up of two fortresss, Buda and Pest!






9. Vienna, Austria

We continued on to Vienna, the capital of Austria. We made our way to the majestic Schonbrunn Palace  (with 1441 rooms, imagine that), Vienna Ring and St Stephen’s Cathedral.



10. Salzburg, Austria

The birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! And also the scene for ‘The Sound of Music’! Enough said.

Then, we also explored the Old Town before heading to Swarovski Crystal Worlds and Neuschwanstein Castle.





11. Munich, Germany

We took one last shot at Munich before flying back to Singapore.


I apologise if I made any mistakes! The fault is all mine. Hope you have enjoyed the photos!

4 thoughts on “My Eastern Europe Trip in 30 Panoramic Shots

  1. Carole Low says:

    Can share with me your itinerary in detail for your eastern Europe trip ? I am thinking of planning a trip in end November 2019 but not sure how I should go about planning the logistics and the train rides. Thanks much !

    • Qiuuing says:

      Hi Carole,

      As much as I would like to share my itinerary with you, I can’t find it. Sorry! The photos are actually in the order of places I visited so maybe you could use it as a guideline while planning your trip?


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