Full Day Out: Carnivore Appetite, Lady M & Cedele


This was probably the first weekend in a long time that I managed to spend the whole day out without having to think about work. I first went to Takashimaya to do some shopping, then Marina Square for lunch and movie, and lastly Great World City for dinner. It felt really good not having to do work on a weekend.

After Takashimaya, we went to Carnivore Appetite for a buffet lunch. The concept is similar to the actual Carnivore, except this was a definitely more affordable one at $24.90++, but the quality was also reflected in the price difference.


This is interesting because I expected to pay before entering (like Seoul Garden) as there was a cashier at the entrance and it was a fixed price meal, but it was not the case.




The dining area is very spacious and actually extends out towards the back. It was quite empty that day. The buffet spread is adjacent to the tables. The first section of the buffet is the salad bar. There is quite a variety of greens and sauces.



That is then followed by the churrasqueira (grill). Unlike the real thing, you do not get servers coming around with their succulent meats and slicing them off onto you plate. I find the escolar fish mouthwatering and savoury. However, be mindful not to consume too much as it is known to cause keriorrhea, a kind of gempylid fish poisoning which is similar to diarrhea. The beef on the other hand was tough and dry. The chicken was not bad but nothing fantastic.




The sauces are found next to the grill. The pineapple was a favourite between us. The rest were just alright.




We started out slowly and worked our way down the line. The aglio olio tasted great but spaghetti was overcooked.Two thumbs up for the caramelised pineapple (they really know their pineapples here). The pork belly and bacon wrapped chicken were pretty tasty too.






You can see their meats cooking at the gigantic window of their kitchen next to the entrance.

Overall verdict: Affordable and standards of food are pretty ok. Good for huge groups. However, I will not recommend it to people with discerning tastes.

We then headed to Lady M for desserts. FYI, Carnivore Appetite does not serve desserts.



As usual, Lady M offers a pretty setting and it is always pleasant to photograph their cakes. Sis had the Gateau Nuage ($7). It is a light cheesecake with graham cracker crust. The crust was a bit too thin and became a bit soggy but the cheesecake filling more than made up for that.


I had a new cake which is the Mirror Caramel ($9). A tad too pricey in my opinion. The caramel mousse and the chocolate mousse really complemented each other.

And next it was X-men! Sigh… cannot get enough of hunky wolverine! Some parts were a bit ambiguous like how did everything become so dark since the last movie, but I shall not get into that for those who have not watched it.


The final part of the day was dinner with my family at Cedele. Healthier alternatives, but I choose the not so healthy option!




Both mum and sis had the salads. I love how balanced the portions are for the salads, equal amounts of meat and greens!


The one thing you should always have when you go to Cedele is their pastas, especially their dry ones! They have perfected their aglio olio. If you like fish, I will recommend the dish above. The pesto is so aromatic!


I was only feeling slightly peckish so I had caramelised banana pancakes with sea salt caramel ice cream! It was yummy and would be better if the sweet bananas were also mixed into the batter.

Carnivore Appetite
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-102,
Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Tel: 6336 2282
Opens daily from 1200-1500hrs and 1800-2300hrs.

Lady M
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-103
Marina Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 039594
Tel: 68222095
Opens daily from 1100-2200hrs

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