Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner


Today I am going to be blogging about something different! It is as much a necessity to me as food is to my stomach… and that is gel eyeliner! I have tried pencil, kohl, liquid over the years and finally found the one that suits me the best, gel.

Considering the fact that I have single eyelids and a rather oily skin, pencil and kohl do not work well on me. When I use them, they will start smudging after an hour. Also, the colour is not as thick and rich as I would like it to be. As for liquid, it is undeniably one of the best to do a flick at the end, but among the four, the hardest to remove.

I am a true blue Cyber Colors black gel eyeliner fan. Since this nice lady at Sasa recommended it to me a few years ago, I have been using it consistently… until recently. Not that it is no longer good, but it is out of stock! So I had to turn to other alternatives in the meantime. I read online about Kate, L’oreal and Maybelline, and reviews for the Maybelline seem to be the most positive, so I bought that.



This Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner promises to stay up to 36 hours, with its new and improved formula, which promises more intense colours as well as waterproof capabilities. Apparently, it is also supposed to be easy to put on and resistant to sebum.



It comes in a rather tiny container, which is smaller (both in diameter as well as depth) than my Cyber Colors one as shown below.




What I like about the eyeliner is how matte and black it is! One stroke is enough to get that thick opaque shade. Also as promised, it is very easy to draw the shape you desire. In terms of its waterproof capabilities, it is close to perfect! I can bathe with it on and there is only a slight smudge, nothing a q-tip and a little make-up remover cannot solve. Furthermore, the eyeliner can last the whole day without smudging!


How does it compare to my Cyber Colors one? Both are similar when it comes to color and waterproof capabilities. In addition, they are both easly to put on. What gave Cyber Colors the edge is that it is cheaper and bigger. But I do have to admit that this Maybelline one is fantastic and easier to find.

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