Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar


It seems like I have been a regular visitor to Biopolis these few weeks. Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar is another new find at the Buona Vista area. It is hidden in one of the newer sections of Biopolis and there is still construction ongoing. Being not very adept at finding my way, I had to use Google Maps for directions.


Once you are able to find the correct building, Nucleos, it is not very difficult to locate the cafe as it is one of the few places that are brightly lit.


The menu comes in the form of a clipboard. The cafe offers limited items, probably owing to the fact that it is still relatively new. My parents were complaining about the lack of choice.



I really loved what they did to spruce up the interior, with the bright red hanging lamps, brick walls and city-scape wall decals.


We ordered a few items to share. Clockwise from left: Cod Fish & Chips ($18), Truffle Fries ($8) and Mac & Cheese ($15).


The fish was beer battered and it came with a side of fries and coleslaw. In addition to that, there is a herb dip/sauce which I have never tasted with fish & chips before. It was minty and very refreshing. If you prefer to stick to the old-school, you may also request for tartar, chilli sauce or ketchup.


Next, is the macaroni and cheese. Another combination that is new to me. The bacon broke the monotony of the pasta and cheese, which would have been a bit uninspiring after awhile. Also, it brought colour to what would be a yellowish dish.


This I did not like. The truffle fries were bland and hardly had any truffle taste. The only saving grace was that they were salty enough. Also, the fries were almost over-fried (if there is such a thing) and were more brown than golden. This is a personal thing, but I prefer shoe-string fries to thick cut ones as they seem to be able to absorb the truffle oil better.


My mum had the flat white ($4.50) after our meal. She had been thinking about it since we stepped in as the aroma of the coffee was very fragrant.


Never forgetting dessert! We had the red velvet cheesecake brownie ($8). Two thumbs up! It was dense, rich and totally yummy! A dish not to be missed when there.

Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar
21 Biopolis Drive, Nucleos
Singapore 138567
Tel: 81811805
Opens daily from 0800 to 2200hrs


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