The Lawn Cafe


I have returned to The Lawn Cafe, not once, but twice since my first visit. It has quickly become a huge hit with my family due to its proximity, affordability and healthy eating factor. I know that when we go there for lunch or dinner, my mum has no need to nag at us about fulfilling our daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

So here are some of things we have tried…


Above is a combination of a salad bowl ($7.90) with char-grilled prawns with garlic ($3) and aceto balsamico beef cuts ($4). The salad bowl consists of mesclun salad with five toppings and one dressing. My dad has been ordering this selection of grills ever since the first time he tried it. The beef can be well-done at times, but is flavourful.

The five toppings for this were sliced egg, pineapples, beetroot, raisins and green apples. You can either go crazy or have fun choosing which toppngs to go with your salad. Also not one for change, my dad had his favourite honeyball sauce, which is a mixture of honey and dijon mustard.


My sis also opted for the salad bowl with char-grilled prawns with garlic and chicken breast with maple infusion ($2). She had sliced egg, pineapples, olives, chestnuts and cheddar cheese, with apple cider vinaigrette. She could not really distinguish the flavour of the dressing, but I actually adored the tangy aftertaste of it during the first visit.


I chose the olive rice ($7.90) instead of the salad bowl. Unlike the salad bowl, the olive rice came with a side salad and one dressing. The rice came in a generous portion, so I kind of doled it out to my parents and sister. It was surprisingly tasty (I had all the imaginations of tasteless and tough brown-coloured rice).

Seeing how everyone was choosing two grills, I also joined in and ordered Ben’s beef rub ($4) and butter-seared pacific dory with parsley rub ($3). It turned out to be a (good?) mistake. The ration was so much that I could not finish! I think the dory is the best grill IMO. If you want to order beef, choose the aceto balsamic one. I could not really discern any seasoning or marinate for the Ben’s beef rub.


For my third visit, I stuck to my dory! Look at how tremendous it was! I gave one piece to my sis and still had two huge pieces left. There were lesser toppings to choose from because it was near closing time. My one qualm is that their dressing is too little!

We decided to also treat ourselves to dessert. The Lawn Cafe carries both Tiramisu Hero ($7.90) and The Ice Cream & Cookie Co ($6, a dollar more than if you order it from their website).



The Tiramisu Hero only comes in one size there and it is also frozen, so we had to bring it home to defrost. I found it expensive because it was such a small bottle, but I guess most of the cost went into the packaging.


It was perfectly moist, but did not contain enough alcohol. I would probably not buy it again, unless it is to try their other unique flavours.

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