My Eastern Europe Trip in 30 Panoramic Shots


Here are my holiday pictures from last year! I realised while looking through my iPhone camera roll that I have not posted any photos from my holiday last year to Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Austria. So I have taken some time to upload the ones that I feel represent my trip there.

Before I start, I must state that I simply adore the panorama shot function in iPhone! It gives an all-encompassing view to the beautiful sights that Europe has to offer. Also, please pardon some of the quality of the photos though, especially the overexposed ones.

Here we go!

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and its rich history makes it a popular destination among tourists. My family and I visited the Hradcany Castle, St Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge. We also took a stroll at the Old Town of Prague.






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Full Day Out: Carnivore Appetite, Lady M & Cedele


This was probably the first weekend in a long time that I managed to spend the whole day out without having to think about work. I first went to Takashimaya to do some shopping, then Marina Square for lunch and movie, and lastly Great World City for dinner. It felt really good not having to do work on a weekend.

After Takashimaya, we went to Carnivore Appetite for a buffet lunch. The concept is similar to the actual Carnivore, except this was a definitely more affordable one at $24.90++, but the quality was also reflected in the price difference.


This is interesting because I expected to pay before entering (like Seoul Garden) as there was a cashier at the entrance and it was a fixed price meal, but it was not the case.



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Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner


Today I am going to be blogging about something different! It is as much a necessity to me as food is to my stomach… and that is gel eyeliner! I have tried pencil, kohl, liquid over the years and finally found the one that suits me the best, gel.

Considering the fact that I have single eyelids and a rather oily skin, pencil and kohl do not work well on me. When I use them, they will start smudging after an hour. Also, the colour is not as thick and rich as I would like it to be. As for liquid, it is undeniably one of the best to do a flick at the end, but among the four, the hardest to remove.

I am a true blue Cyber Colors black gel eyeliner fan. Since this nice lady at Sasa recommended it to me a few years ago, I have been using it consistently… until recently. Not that it is no longer good, but it is out of stock! So I had to turn to other alternatives in the meantime. I read online about Kate, L’oreal and Maybelline, and reviews for the Maybelline seem to be the most positive, so I bought that.



This Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner promises to stay up to 36 hours, with its new and improved formula, which promises more intense colours as well as waterproof capabilities. Apparently, it is also supposed to be easy to put on and resistant to sebum.

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Wooloomooloo Steakhouse


I have been putting this post off for almost a month because I did not have a very good experience at the restaurant. It was my first and only time being disappointed at a mid to high-end steakhouse. And it shows how much it fell short of that we did not even stay for dessert.



It was meant to be a birthday celebration for me by my family. I was actually looking forward to the dining experience there because Wooloomooloo Steakhouse was fully booked for Restaurant Week even before it was opened to the public, which I took to be an indicator that the food was exceptional.

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Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar


It seems like I have been a regular visitor to Biopolis these few weeks. Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar is another new find at the Buona Vista area. It is hidden in one of the newer sections of Biopolis and there is still construction ongoing. Being not very adept at finding my way, I had to use Google Maps for directions.


Once you are able to find the correct building, Nucleos, it is not very difficult to locate the cafe as it is one of the few places that are brightly lit.


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The Lawn Cafe


I have returned to The Lawn Cafe, not once, but twice since my first visit. It has quickly become a huge hit with my family due to its proximity, affordability and healthy eating factor. I know that when we go there for lunch or dinner, my mum has no need to nag at us about fulfilling our daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

So here are some of things we have tried…


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Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro



This post is late in coming! My good friends and I had a meal at one of my favourite steakhouses, Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro, some time back in April. Pepper falls comfortably within the medium price range for steaks and it also has a variety of cuts to choose from.


We tried their set dinner which costs only $30++ (not sure if it is still available this month)! You have to ask for their set dinner menu, which is featured at the front of the restaurant and is slightly different from the American Express one.

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