Swiss Travelogue 5: Rolli’s Steakhouse in Zurich

Our favourite restaurant in the whole of Switzerland has got to be Rolli’s Steakhouse in Zurich. It was so good we especially made a trip down again at the end of our trip.

The steakhouse is deceptively small and not ostentatious at all. Beneath its plain exterior lies one of the best steakhouses I’ve ever eaten in. The concept of the steakhouse is that they serve their food on hot stones. Other than steaks, they have seafood and more exotic options like ostrich meat (which was unavailable both times we were there).


The restaurant is decorated in a vintage American diner style with faded posters and memorabilia around the dining area.


Sis had “shrimps” but they were nothing shrimp-like. The prawns were huge!


I had the fillet both times. Definitely the best cut of meat there. Tender and delicious. Just thinking of it makes me salivate. It’s topped with peppercorn which added a hint of spice to the steak.



You may choose either salad or fries with your main course. Both are given in generous potions.


Also, the steaks come with three sauces. The waitress did not tell us wha they were but I could roughly make it out. The first is garlic mayonnaise, second something curry and the last one tastes like salad dressing.


The dessert we had was apple strudel ala mode. The strudel does not taste anything like the strudel back home. It’s actually soft and served warm. Still, the apple chunks were totally delicious.

The food at Rolli’s definitely does not come cheap but it’s affordable and reasonable considering how expensive food is in Switzerland. If you are on a budget, this place is worth a splurge.

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