Swiss Travelogue 4: A Day around Town in Zurich

So sorry for the lull in posts. Had to get back into the rhythm of work again and now finally getting a breather and enough time to upload some pictures.

Here are some pictures I took in Zurich on the first day after arriving. We reached in the morning and while we were super tired from traveling, we couldn’t wait to hit the town. Our apartment was quite a walk away from the old town but we did enjoy exploring along the way.



We had to talk a train from the airport to the main station where we walked to our apartment. The main train station is just a stone’s throw away from the old town.




Starbucks was having one for one frappe that day! We were in luck because we were feeling really warm from our walk and this java stop helped rejuvenate us.



Also, we found this famous Paris macaron shop, Laduree, in town. The ultimate macaron, so soft they melt in your mouth. I’m spoilt for life.







We explored the town till our legs were aching and our stomach was growling. Mum made a pit stop at Coop, which is a supermarket chain there, to buy makings for dinner.

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