Swiss Travelogue 1: Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe

Blogging from the high grounds of Zermatt while waiting for the check in counter to be opened. I’m going to stay at the youth hostel and their reception counter closes from 10am to 4pm! Also it’s a rather long and steep climb from the main street. I’m really crossing my fingers and hoping that the rooms and stay will be enjoyable.

So while waiting, I’m making use of the free wi-fi to blog and of course, enjoying the fresh mountain air. So far the highlight of my trip has to be the visit to Jungfraujoch also known as the top of Europe. It’s freezing cold up there but totally worth it. Stunning views, blue blue skies and snow capped peaks had me taking out my camera and iPhone and snapping pictures continuously.









Other than the mountain views, there are many areas that you can also visit. One that you can’t miss is the ice tunnel where everything is made of ice: the floor, ceiling, sculptures, chairs. My fingers and toes were numb and towards the end of the tunnel I was rushing (ok maybe more like sliding) through so that I could enter the main station again.



Beautiful beautiful place! So gorgeous! I will be heading to Matterhorn tomorrow and I hope that it will be just as nice.

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