I went back to my alma mater yesterday night for their annual homecoming dinner. The building was designed by a late first lady who was an old girl, is a landmark on the road along Bukit Timah. This place holds a lot of fond memories for me, all the fun and laughter, goofing around in class, slacking during PE lessons and all the great friendships I made.

People always have the idea that since we come from the top Chinese girls’ school, we are automatically Chinese-speaking, bound by rules and tradition. After graduating, you will know that while we bitched about having to cut our hair short (yes, our hair couldn’t touch our shoulders), socks had had to cover our ankles, watches had to be the size of a 20 cent coin and skirts had to cover the knees (and I could list so many more), we bonded over all the trouble we had to go through and can now finally understand what it means to embrace tradition.



After so many years, I still love the architecture of the place. This is the open quadrangle where we assembled every morning and met for important events.


The podium where announcements are made and flag raising was carried out.

The panoramic shot of the school building and students, taken every five years since we were in Secondary 4. The top picture was the first one where my graduating batch was featured.


We had steamboat buffet in the hall which is now air-conditioned. The event was organised by the current students.


I took home some stuff. A sticky note pad and post-it featuring the school and Sticky (a type of hard candy) with the school’s name in Chinese.

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