Swiss Travelogue 4: A Day around Town in Zurich

So sorry for the lull in posts. Had to get back into the rhythm of work again and now finally getting a breather and enough time to upload some pictures.

Here are some pictures I took in Zurich on the first day after arriving. We reached in the morning and while we were super tired from traveling, we couldn’t wait to hit the town. Our apartment was quite a walk away from the old town but we did enjoy exploring along the way.



We had to talk a train from the airport to the main station where we walked to our apartment. The main train station is just a stone’s throw away from the old town.




Starbucks was having one for one frappe that day! We were in luck because we were feeling really warm from our walk and this java stop helped rejuvenate us.



Also, we found this famous Paris macaron shop, Laduree, in town. The ultimate macaron, so soft they melt in your mouth. I’m spoilt for life.







We explored the town till our legs were aching and our stomach was growling. Mum made a pit stop at Coop, which is a supermarket chain there, to buy makings for dinner.

Swiss Travelogue 3: Ristorante Italia

There’s a wonderful Italian restaurant, Ristorante Italia, hidden in a grove near our apartment in Zurich. We would always walk past it on the way back from the city centre and one would notice the strings of colorful lights along the boundary and the sounds of people eating and chatting.

Switzerland isn’t exactly an affordable destination and an average meal would cost about CHF17 (SGD24). Just an average meal, nothing special or fancy. Even an ala carte burger at Macs costs CHF8 (SGD11). But we decided to splurge on our last night in town.



We chose to sit outdoors where it was breezy and bright (sun only set at about 9pm). The restaurant had a lively atmosphere. However the down side to sitting outside is that people smoked.


The menu was in Italian and we had a hard time deciphering. Thank god the waitresses were fluent in English and extremely patient with us. I ordered gnocchi in cream cheese sauce. I’ve never had gnocchi before. It’s a potato pasta and very soft and tasteful. Not too heavy as I expected. I was scrapping every last bite of the sauce.


As with most Italian restaurants, this one serves bread. We were wondering where the olive oil and vinegar were but after having a bite, we realised both were not necessary. The bread was sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt. Totally yummy!


My parents and sis had the squid ink pasta with prawns. Usually in Singapore the pasta is cooked in squid ink sauce, but over there, the pasta is made with squid ink and cooked in tomato sauce. The pasta was fresh and absorbed the sauce so much better.


For dessert we had lemon tartufo which is a type of ice cream and flourless chocolate cake.


The ice cream was light and refreshing, just a tad sour. Great compliment to the rich chocolate cake which tasted like chocolate fudge brownie in cake form.


This was really a delightful dining experience. It is a bit pricey but compared to the usual standard of Swiss food, it’s reasonable. The restaurant is located at Zeughausstrasse 61 8004 Zurich. You may visit their website for more details:

Swiss Travelogue 1: Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe

Blogging from the high grounds of Zermatt while waiting for the check in counter to be opened. I’m going to stay at the youth hostel and their reception counter closes from 10am to 4pm! Also it’s a rather long and steep climb from the main street. I’m really crossing my fingers and hoping that the rooms and stay will be enjoyable.

So while waiting, I’m making use of the free wi-fi to blog and of course, enjoying the fresh mountain air. So far the highlight of my trip has to be the visit to Jungfraujoch also known as the top of Europe. It’s freezing cold up there but totally worth it. Stunning views, blue blue skies and snow capped peaks had me taking out my camera and iPhone and snapping pictures continuously.









Other than the mountain views, there are many areas that you can also visit. One that you can’t miss is the ice tunnel where everything is made of ice: the floor, ceiling, sculptures, chairs. My fingers and toes were numb and towards the end of the tunnel I was rushing (ok maybe more like sliding) through so that I could enter the main station again.



Beautiful beautiful place! So gorgeous! I will be heading to Matterhorn tomorrow and I hope that it will be just as nice.

Hi from Switzerland

Hi! Greetings from Switzerland!

The air is very fresh here and this country is so environmentally friendly that they do not have air con. You find cheese and milk almost everywhere.

More pictures when I’m back! There’s wifi at almost all hotels but I’m just a bit tired after the long days.


I went back to my alma mater yesterday night for their annual homecoming dinner. The building was designed by a late first lady who was an old girl, is a landmark on the road along Bukit Timah. This place holds a lot of fond memories for me, all the fun and laughter, goofing around in class, slacking during PE lessons and all the great friendships I made.

People always have the idea that since we come from the top Chinese girls’ school, we are automatically Chinese-speaking, bound by rules and tradition. After graduating, you will know that while we bitched about having to cut our hair short (yes, our hair couldn’t touch our shoulders), socks had had to cover our ankles, watches had to be the size of a 20 cent coin and skirts had to cover the knees (and I could list so many more), we bonded over all the trouble we had to go through and can now finally understand what it means to embrace tradition.



After so many years, I still love the architecture of the place. This is the open quadrangle where we assembled every morning and met for important events.


The podium where announcements are made and flag raising was carried out.

The panoramic shot of the school building and students, taken every five years since we were in Secondary 4. The top picture was the first one where my graduating batch was featured.


We had steamboat buffet in the hall which is now air-conditioned. The event was organised by the current students.


I took home some stuff. A sticky note pad and post-it featuring the school and Sticky (a type of hard candy) with the school’s name in Chinese.