Porn’s: sexy Thai food

If you clicked the link expecting some nudity, you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, Porn’s did market themselves as a restaurant selling sexy Thai food. Never thought one day I’ll equate food to sexiness.

The restaurant is opened by local celebrity Pornsak and of course, named after him. The word ‘porn’ in Thai actually means ‘blessing’ or ‘good wishes’.


The interior is simple and pleasing to the eye. Do sit deeper inside of you are feeling warm as the air con is much stronger there.





As the weather was pretty hot and humid that day, I ordered a young coconut to cool me off. It was really refreshing and welcoming.

The kang kong while was not cooked with sambal was still pretty hot. The little slices of chilli padi did add to the spiciness.

My personal favourite there–tom yum seafood soup. It was just the right amount of spice that got you sniffing with each spoonful.

The fried garlic chicken is a hot favourite there and also a chef’s recommendation. I wished it had a stronger garlic taste.

The orange fish curry was a unique dish. Unlike the usual Chinese and Indian thick curry, this one was more like a clear sour soup. Great both as a dish and as a soup. Do order rice to go along with it.

The fried bean curd with Thai sauce is another must-try dish. The bean curd is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Lastly, what is Thai food without pad thai? The pad thai was fried with chicken and came with the usual ingredients and garnish at the side. Sweet and tasteful!

At the end of my meal, I still can’t see the link between food and sexiness. But I can see where the appeal is–not the name and not the celebrity–simply great Thai food.

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