For some gelish

A tai-tai (a Chinese colloquial term for wealthy women who do not need to work) day out for the few of us yesterday. We managed to go for a manicure session in the middle of a weekday just as if we did not have to work (thank god for holidays).

We all bought vouchers for gelish manicure which came with four free 3D nail art, of which only two of us opted for. The rest of us decided to customize according to out whims and fancies.


My manicure with alternate pastel green and pink base colours and cupcake nail art on the fourth finger. Totally loving the sweetness.


Mdm Saha chose a pale pink background and stickers. They were having a promotion of $15 for a full set of ten stickers. The stickers were like temporary tattoos which you wet the paper and paste on your nails.


Pauline had three-tone French tips with glitter. Simple and elegant.


Serene selected a nude base with four bling-blings: ribbons and a crown.


Cailing had the most elaborated one, with a glitter base and 3D nail art. Went really nice with her beautiful toes she had painted last week. No pictures of her toes, sorry.


Star power of all five of our hands! Can’t wait for the next pampering session!

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