Capriocciosa: Italian food by Japanese

After work I went to meet my mum at Capriocciosa, an Italian restaurant at JCube. It was a rather interesting restaurant as the original chef was a Japanese who went to Italy to study cooking. Back then it was still rare for that occurrence to happen. He went back to Japan and open his Italian restaurant. From there, it became a chain of restaurants.



The decor was bright and full of contrasting textures.


Love latte! Probably my favourite type of coffee. The layers are so pretty!

Huge huge tuna and calamari salad with house dressing. I have a thing for tuna salad. No matter what dressing, it is still good.

The pepperocini with steamed chicken was similar to aglio olio but more soupy. I would have preferred it to be more spicy.

The pappardelle (very broad fettuccine) with porcini and eringi mushrooms was fantastic. Never had such a broad pasta before and the pasta was freshly made. Great dish!

Affordable place and great location for lunch and dinner. Will definitely be back for more fresh pasta!

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