Historical Learning Journey

I went on a history learning journey around Singapore yesterday. I visited Labrador Park which was a battery back in World War II and the Kranji War Memorial where war heroes were buried.

It was my second time at Labrador Park. The park is situated at the southern part of Singapore and contains many historical relics left over from WWII. The trails leads up all the way to the fort at the top and other than it being a historical learning journey, it was a nice trek up the hill and a rare opportunity to enjoy nature and fresh air. Thus, this time I took the chance to take some pictures of the nice scenes there rather than the big guns there.




I enjoyed the area very much as it was a nice balance between and history. There are actually 2 tunnels within the park and one goes under the sea all the way to present day Sentosa, but only parts of the tunnels are opened to public. I was not fortunate enough to go into the tunnels. After the trek, there is a cafe within the park to cool down and rejuvenate yourself.

Following that, we went to Seah Im Hawker Centre, opposite well-known shopping centres Vivocity and Harbourfront, for brunch. I got to eat a childhood favourite–putu mayam. It is a pancake made of beehoon and served with orange sugar and shredded coconut. Yum! It is rather hard to find this dish nowadays, mostly at Indian food stalls in hawker centres or coffee shops. Very affordable, only $1.60 for 2 pieces.

The last location was Kranji War Memorial. It is probably one of the most serene places in Singapore. Tourists seldom visit the place but I think it is an important part of Singapore. People from different nationalities, Dutch, Indians, Malayans, Australians, New Zealanders and men from UK, who have fought and died for us are buried there.








“They died for all free men.”

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