Dim sum and coffee

Ivy came back from England for a month and we managed to catch up during lunch today at Red Star. It’s a traditional dim sum restaurant which still utilises trolleys and stamp cards. Rare find in Singapore nowadays when people honour efficiency over tradition. Felt like I was having dim sum in Hong Kong. The restaurant is situated on top of a multi storey carpark at Chin Swee Road.

When we first got there, the restaurant was already packed but we still managed to get a seat quickly. The people who came later weren’t so lucky and the queue extended all the way out of the restaurant and down the stairs.

The egg tart was fantastic and freshly out of the oven. Rich custard filling in a buttery puff pastry. Yum!

The spare ribs were good too. Another dim sum must have. Tender and succulent and in bite sized pieces.

The Phoenix chicken was strongly recommended by the waitress as their signature dish which was more famous than their egg tarts. I found it average only.

I had to try their bo luo custard bun. However after being pampered with all the molten custard buns, this did not do it for me.

We also had the siew mai which is minced pork wrapped in dough.

The dessert we had was one of my favourite dish there but I dare say many westerners would find it revolting–durian crepe!

After lunch we headed to Dempsey Road to hang out and catch up over coffee. One of the best cafes to do that is Jones the Grocer.



Siyu had coffee which came in their speciality cups.

I had the peppermint chocolate chip milkshake. It wasn’t anything to brag about but definitely a good drink on a humid day.

We took some Polaroids using Siyu’s camera and Hello Kitty film!

2 thoughts on “Dim sum and coffee

    • qiuuing says:

      thanks! my friend is really proud of her polaroid.

      i agree with you that chicken feet is a must have at dim sum restaurants :) but i’ve never really liked it. haha i’m quite picky actually

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