EwF & Piqué Nique

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time so this post is going to serve as a double dosage as I have two interesting cafes to introduce.

First is Everything with Fries at Bugis Junction also known as EwF. It is tucked away at a high up corner next to the cinema. Every main course comes with a serving of fries and you even have choice of seasoning for your fries. Other than than, you can also expect sweet desserts and a variety of drinks. I made my trip there for a meal with Ivy, a good friend of mine.



I had the special–pan seared barramundi with truffle oil fries. The portion was too much for me. The cooking style did not bring out how fresh the fish actually was as the caramelisation caused the surface to be too crispy.



Ivy had the lamb shank burger with sour cream fries. Similar to mine, the serving was too big for her. She managed to polish off her lamb shank which was a bit dry and some of her fries.

We finished our meals with coffee. Sadly we didn’t have space in our stomachs for dessert.


The second place I have for you is Piqué Nique at JCube. The cafe has an interesting decor and tantalizing pictures of food all over their walls.


Presentation of all food and drinks were tastefully done and the food was of superior quality.

The chocoroco cake was recommended by the waitress and it was sinful.

My sis has the norwegian egg benedict. The eggs were runny (yum) and the smoked salmon was fine.

Both places are good for hangouts and catching up with friends.

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