Cupcakes and stuff

On the topic of food I saw some delicious looking candles at Francfranc that day. Based on the name of the shop I thought products sold would be from Switzerland but the shop is based in Japan. The concept is similar to Iwannagohome, selling cute and quirky furniture and knick knacks for your house.

Looks tasty don’t they? I felt like buying one home for the sake of it but my sis warned me to save money for my trip in June.

We baked muffins the other day in school for a healthy lifestyle day. Not sure how many calories there are in a muffin but it’s not that difficult to make. We took about ten minutes to mix the ingredients and 20 minutes to bake it.

And I left the best for last! My friend’s second attempt at making cupcakes turned out fine. She definitely has a flair for it.


This was the box of cupcakes she did for the birthday of one of my other colleagues. Pretty aren’t they?

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