Some Singapore delights

Here are some local delights that are everywhere in my daily life:

1. Laksa

As mentioned in my previous post, there are a few types of laksa. This type of laksa is more common in Singapore compared to the Penang or Katong one. It comes usually with bean sprouts, clams, fish cakes, tau pok and laksa leaves. Sometimes it might also come with an egg. For me chilli is not necessary as the curry is already hot enough. It is usually served with thick bee hoon but you can opt for other types of noodles if they are available.

2. Roti prata

An Indian food good for any meal of the day, from breakfast all the way to supper. The original one would just be a fried flour based pancake. It ranges from sweet to savory and prizes depend on the ingredients used. The one I have here is an egg prata served with vegetarian curry. Usual curries are vegetarian, chicken, mutton and fish.

3. Vegetarian bee hoon

This is not as commonly found as before because it is usually eaten by Buddhists on the first and fifteenth of the lunar calendar. The new generation seldom follow the tradition. It is bee hoon served with different forms of soy bean products and either a thick starchy sauce or curry.

4. Pineapple tarts

My favourite Chinese New Year goody! It can be found on normal days as well. Very heaty but super yummy and sweet. It is also very addictive. You will not notice yourself popping it continuously.

These are reasons why I love staying in Singapore because there is nowhere else in the world you can find so many varieties of food!

2 thoughts on “Some Singapore delights

  1. Tasting Tales says:

    Everytime i pass by singapore i always have fried rice, carrot cake, roti prata, laksa, chilli/pepper crab, clams, kaya from the coffee shop, thick pancake with peanut butter or red bean :P i love singapore! And so proud to be singaporean :)

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