Little Cravings and the best cream puff ever!

This is one food post where I am going to cram a lot of pictures in. First, we will start with a visit to Little Cravings, a small Peranakan restaurant hidden in Katong and from there I will take you to the best cream puff ever. I swear.

My family and I got a voucher from Groupon for Little Cravings. It was quite a good deal as we paid $20 for $40 worth of food. The food there was so affordable we had to keep ordering to hit $40.

Since the place was so small and they did not take reservations, we had to stand outside and wait for tables available.



I ordered Penang Assam Laksa, which is very different from the type of Laksa that Katong is famous for. This one is a bit sour and comes with slices of cucumber, pineapple, onion and sardine. Also, with a spoonful of prawn paste, which is an acquired taste.


My family stuck with the safer choice of nasi lemak (coconut rice) which one can never go wrong. Yes, it is unhealthy and drives your cholesterol level up, but it is almost a staple here. The nasi lemak they have to offer comes with a choice of sambal prawns, curry chicken or both. Served with ikan bilis, peanut, achar, sambal and hard boiled egg.

We had a free dish given to us: Rojak. Grilled fruits and vegetables tossed in prawn paste and topped with chopped peanuts. It may look unappetizing but don’t put it down till you have tried it!

I’m sad to say after so many wonderful dishes, I also tasted the worst chicken wings here. The staff recommended their fried belachan chicken wings which looked really tasty in picture. However, when it arrived, it was soaked in oil and there was no sign of the belachan chilli. It was so oily I had to dab the wings with tissue and after we finished the dish, there was a puddle of oil left.

I was the only one who ordered drinks. The longan tea was great and refreshing, especially after the rich and flavorful food.

On to the desserts, we had the banana and sweet corn apong, which was a fluffy sweet pancake with fillings inside. Good try! It only cost $2 (if I don’t remember wrongly)!

The pulut hitam was thick and gooey but still not sweet enough for me.

Here is the gula melaka mango sago dessert with extra sugar. One for the sweet tooth!

Ice kachang with durian, the king of fruits that most westerners abhor. They do also serve it without the durian. Rather large bowl, good for two.

Just a side note, the cafe doesn’t offer water or napkins (at least they didn’t offer it to us and our surrounding tables). The service also was not very good.

After the filling meal, we made space in our tummies (there is always a separate compartment for dessert) for the best cream puff ever! Good for us, it was just across the street from the shopping mall. The bakery, Mooshi Bakes, is under the group by Awfully Chocolate.


Other than cream puffs, they do sell a range of pastries and pies that look totally sinful. But we were there only for the cream puff.




Drumroll please… And here it is! A huge puff with loads of cream!


Don’t even bother counting your calories. You know you have to work this off anyway and it will be totally worth it.

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