Porn’s: sexy Thai food

If you clicked the link expecting some nudity, you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, Porn’s did market themselves as a restaurant selling sexy Thai food. Never thought one day I’ll equate food to sexiness.

The restaurant is opened by local celebrity Pornsak and of course, named after him. The word ‘porn’ in Thai actually means ‘blessing’ or ‘good wishes’.


The interior is simple and pleasing to the eye. Do sit deeper inside of you are feeling warm as the air con is much stronger there.





As the weather was pretty hot and humid that day, I ordered a young coconut to cool me off. It was really refreshing and welcoming.

The kang kong while was not cooked with sambal was still pretty hot. The little slices of chilli padi did add to the spiciness.

My personal favourite there–tom yum seafood soup. It was just the right amount of spice that got you sniffing with each spoonful.

The fried garlic chicken is a hot favourite there and also a chef’s recommendation. I wished it had a stronger garlic taste.

The orange fish curry was a unique dish. Unlike the usual Chinese and Indian thick curry, this one was more like a clear sour soup. Great both as a dish and as a soup. Do order rice to go along with it.

The fried bean curd with Thai sauce is another must-try dish. The bean curd is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Lastly, what is Thai food without pad thai? The pad thai was fried with chicken and came with the usual ingredients and garnish at the side. Sweet and tasteful!

At the end of my meal, I still can’t see the link between food and sexiness. But I can see where the appeal is–not the name and not the celebrity–simply great Thai food.

For some gelish

A tai-tai (a Chinese colloquial term for wealthy women who do not need to work) day out for the few of us yesterday. We managed to go for a manicure session in the middle of a weekday just as if we did not have to work (thank god for holidays).

We all bought vouchers for gelish manicure which came with four free 3D nail art, of which only two of us opted for. The rest of us decided to customize according to out whims and fancies.


My manicure with alternate pastel green and pink base colours and cupcake nail art on the fourth finger. Totally loving the sweetness.


Mdm Saha chose a pale pink background and stickers. They were having a promotion of $15 for a full set of ten stickers. The stickers were like temporary tattoos which you wet the paper and paste on your nails.


Pauline had three-tone French tips with glitter. Simple and elegant.


Serene selected a nude base with four bling-blings: ribbons and a crown.


Cailing had the most elaborated one, with a glitter base and 3D nail art. Went really nice with her beautiful toes she had painted last week. No pictures of her toes, sorry.


Star power of all five of our hands! Can’t wait for the next pampering session!

Capriocciosa: Italian food by Japanese

After work I went to meet my mum at Capriocciosa, an Italian restaurant at JCube. It was a rather interesting restaurant as the original chef was a Japanese who went to Italy to study cooking. Back then it was still rare for that occurrence to happen. He went back to Japan and open his Italian restaurant. From there, it became a chain of restaurants.



The decor was bright and full of contrasting textures.


Love latte! Probably my favourite type of coffee. The layers are so pretty!

Huge huge tuna and calamari salad with house dressing. I have a thing for tuna salad. No matter what dressing, it is still good.

The pepperocini with steamed chicken was similar to aglio olio but more soupy. I would have preferred it to be more spicy.

The pappardelle (very broad fettuccine) with porcini and eringi mushrooms was fantastic. Never had such a broad pasta before and the pasta was freshly made. Great dish!

Affordable place and great location for lunch and dinner. Will definitely be back for more fresh pasta!

Historical Learning Journey

I went on a history learning journey around Singapore yesterday. I visited Labrador Park which was a battery back in World War II and the Kranji War Memorial where war heroes were buried.

It was my second time at Labrador Park. The park is situated at the southern part of Singapore and contains many historical relics left over from WWII. The trails leads up all the way to the fort at the top and other than it being a historical learning journey, it was a nice trek up the hill and a rare opportunity to enjoy nature and fresh air. Thus, this time I took the chance to take some pictures of the nice scenes there rather than the big guns there.




I enjoyed the area very much as it was a nice balance between and history. There are actually 2 tunnels within the park and one goes under the sea all the way to present day Sentosa, but only parts of the tunnels are opened to public. I was not fortunate enough to go into the tunnels. After the trek, there is a cafe within the park to cool down and rejuvenate yourself.

Following that, we went to Seah Im Hawker Centre, opposite well-known shopping centres Vivocity and Harbourfront, for brunch. I got to eat a childhood favourite–putu mayam. It is a pancake made of beehoon and served with orange sugar and shredded coconut. Yum! It is rather hard to find this dish nowadays, mostly at Indian food stalls in hawker centres or coffee shops. Very affordable, only $1.60 for 2 pieces.

The last location was Kranji War Memorial. It is probably one of the most serene places in Singapore. Tourists seldom visit the place but I think it is an important part of Singapore. People from different nationalities, Dutch, Indians, Malayans, Australians, New Zealanders and men from UK, who have fought and died for us are buried there.








“They died for all free men.”

Dim sum and coffee

Ivy came back from England for a month and we managed to catch up during lunch today at Red Star. It’s a traditional dim sum restaurant which still utilises trolleys and stamp cards. Rare find in Singapore nowadays when people honour efficiency over tradition. Felt like I was having dim sum in Hong Kong. The restaurant is situated on top of a multi storey carpark at Chin Swee Road.

When we first got there, the restaurant was already packed but we still managed to get a seat quickly. The people who came later weren’t so lucky and the queue extended all the way out of the restaurant and down the stairs.

The egg tart was fantastic and freshly out of the oven. Rich custard filling in a buttery puff pastry. Yum!

The spare ribs were good too. Another dim sum must have. Tender and succulent and in bite sized pieces.

The Phoenix chicken was strongly recommended by the waitress as their signature dish which was more famous than their egg tarts. I found it average only.

I had to try their bo luo custard bun. However after being pampered with all the molten custard buns, this did not do it for me.

We also had the siew mai which is minced pork wrapped in dough.

The dessert we had was one of my favourite dish there but I dare say many westerners would find it revolting–durian crepe!

After lunch we headed to Dempsey Road to hang out and catch up over coffee. One of the best cafes to do that is Jones the Grocer.



Siyu had coffee which came in their speciality cups.

I had the peppermint chocolate chip milkshake. It wasn’t anything to brag about but definitely a good drink on a humid day.

We took some Polaroids using Siyu’s camera and Hello Kitty film!

Cupcakes and stuff

On the topic of food I saw some delicious looking candles at Francfranc that day. Based on the name of the shop I thought products sold would be from Switzerland but the shop is based in Japan. The concept is similar to Iwannagohome, selling cute and quirky furniture and knick knacks for your house.

Looks tasty don’t they? I felt like buying one home for the sake of it but my sis warned me to save money for my trip in June.

We baked muffins the other day in school for a healthy lifestyle day. Not sure how many calories there are in a muffin but it’s not that difficult to make. We took about ten minutes to mix the ingredients and 20 minutes to bake it.

And I left the best for last! My friend’s second attempt at making cupcakes turned out fine. She definitely has a flair for it.


This was the box of cupcakes she did for the birthday of one of my other colleagues. Pretty aren’t they?

EwF & Piqué Nique

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time so this post is going to serve as a double dosage as I have two interesting cafes to introduce.

First is Everything with Fries at Bugis Junction also known as EwF. It is tucked away at a high up corner next to the cinema. Every main course comes with a serving of fries and you even have choice of seasoning for your fries. Other than than, you can also expect sweet desserts and a variety of drinks. I made my trip there for a meal with Ivy, a good friend of mine.



I had the special–pan seared barramundi with truffle oil fries. The portion was too much for me. The cooking style did not bring out how fresh the fish actually was as the caramelisation caused the surface to be too crispy.



Ivy had the lamb shank burger with sour cream fries. Similar to mine, the serving was too big for her. She managed to polish off her lamb shank which was a bit dry and some of her fries.

We finished our meals with coffee. Sadly we didn’t have space in our stomachs for dessert.


The second place I have for you is Piqué Nique at JCube. The cafe has an interesting decor and tantalizing pictures of food all over their walls.


Presentation of all food and drinks were tastefully done and the food was of superior quality.

The chocoroco cake was recommended by the waitress and it was sinful.

My sis has the norwegian egg benedict. The eggs were runny (yum) and the smoked salmon was fine.

Both places are good for hangouts and catching up with friends.