Some snapshots

Here is a post of random snapshots of things happening in my daily life.

I love the trees around my house. They are towering and huge and their branches span around the roads in perfect symmetry. They make the air fresher and offer shade on really hot days.



I must be known as a glutton around the office because people are always offering me food (not that I’m complaining of course). I love being a guinea pig/food taster. That would be an ideal job if it comes with a pay.


My favourite drink in the whole world is bubble tea. It is unhealthy, chilly and fattening but I love it.

I love cute, funky and quirky things. There is no difference between a need and a want when I see things like that.


I received a total of 14 earrings for my birthday! It is one accessory that I must always have on me, be it simple studs or huge dangly ones.

Long flowing skirts are my weakness. Anything from below the knee to maxi lengths, from scalloped hem to jagged ones.

More food posts coming up tomorrow!

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