Savouring Saveur

Saveur. Many people have been talking about it but only a few have tried it. My cousin queued all the way till closing time and still could not get a seat. After hearing all these great things of the restaurant, I just had to try this place at Purvis Street.

Mum and I started queuing for dinner half an hour before the restaurant opened (at six). We were not the first in the queue and by 5.45pm, the queue stretched past neighboring stores.




The prices were not exorbitant in spite of the premium items you could find there like foie gras and wagyu beef.





We placed our orders immediately after seating down. The food came relatively quickly for a place packed to its rafters.

I adore the presentation at the restaurant. The orange juice came in an old school container which was used in the 50s for brushing teeth.

The angel hair pasta with sakura prawns was delicious and only at a mere price of $3.90!

The beef was not as great as expected. Mum and I ordered the same thing with high hopes of a juicy, medium done steak. But the beef was dry and the taste of the alcohol (sherry?) used to marinate the beef was very strong.

The duck confit was tasteful. However the mashed potatoes were too soft.

The three of us has nothing but good things to say about the next dish. Potato in garlic cream sauce that came with the beef. It was fantastic! We just couldn’t have enough of it.


The fried duck salad is another one you have to try. The greens went really well with the citrus sauce.

Foie gras next. A 35g portion for only $8. Where can you find prices like this?

The presentation of the desserts can be summed up in a word: weird.

The chocolate hazelnut mousse is probably the most unappetizing things I have ever seen. Do not let looks deceive you because this dessert is so decadent and sinful. The pomegranate seeds added a bit of zing to the mousse. It was ssoooooo good!

Next, was a recommendation by the waitress–textures of citrus. It was a jelly with bits of lemon and orange around it, with flavoured ice shavings at the side. A tad too sour for my liking

By the time we finished dinner it was just starting to get dark. We did some shopping around the area before we headed home.


On the way, we got bubble tea to tide us through the long walk back to the train station. Both sis and I ordered Yakult green tea from I Love Taimei but there was hardly any Yakult taste. I do have to say that the tea had a very nice fragrance to it.

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