26 and becoming more intellectual (hopefully)

I turn 26 today! Yes, time flies. Just a while ago I was 25. I’m past a quarter of a century. The day was made great by my friends and family.

Woke up to a surprise from my sis. She crocheted an owl hat for me! So cute and quirky! On top of that, she got an owl pouch and owl earrings from Etsy for me. I hate birds but I can’t resist those cute images of owls. Really made my day.

When I reached school, my colleagues tried to play a prank on me but failed. I think I’m too oblivious. They attached a recorder with a sensor to the ceiling above my seat and every time I sat on my chair, the sounds of rooster crowing could be heard. I had no idea that the sensor was right above my head and I was the one “causing” all the noise in the staff room. When I left for my lessons, they switched the sensor to underneath my chair and still, when I came back, I could not tell the sound was coming from my table. Then, they admitted defeat. Haha!

After that they had a birthday celebration for me. I was actually pretty touched that they went through all the trouble in spite of their packed schedules. Feeling lots of love all around!

I ended off the day with a meal with my mum and dad at Jumbo, Dempsey Road. I will spare you the excruciating pain of viewing pictures of food taken in the dark.

The 25th year ended with a bang and 26th seems off with a great start. Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrated my birthday!

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