Another great meal at TCC

I opened my mail and what do I see? A birthday surprise from TCC!


It’s a discount card, 50% off first visit and 30% off second visit during my birthday month. Really great news since their prices have been increasing and I have to admit I had been a bit lax about my membership.

My family managed to coordinate our schedules for a meal there. We went to our favourite outlet which is at Great World City.

Since we had the discount card, we ordered a bit more than usual. Two salads this time around.

Caesar salad with turkey bacon. It just doesn’t taste as good as the usual ham one but good for my sis (she doesn’t eat pork because she thinks pigs are cute).

Romaine lettuce with fish roe. I didn’t touch that. Those little round things freak me out.


My drink berry cookie, a blend of raspberry and Oreo. Thought that it was a bit watery, would have been better with a little milk or ice-cream.

Now, we have a whole row of main courses.

Mum’s vegetarian ravioli.

Sis’s baby crayfish pasta, which she thinks look like prawns.

My pan-fried daily catch with onion sauce and salsa. The waitress said its a popular dish there but it was only okay for me. The salsa didn’t go with the fish or sauce.

Dad’s seafood aglio olio <nothing new here, he always orders the same thing).

Matthew’s mentaiko pasta.

And last but not least, dessert which was sour cream cheesecake. Came it a bit strong for me but sis thought it was pretty ok.

Can’t wait for the next trip :)

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